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Bedroom Table + Bedside Lamps

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Learn More About Bedroom Table + Desk Lamps

The Benefits Modern Bedroom Table Lamps

Perhaps one of the most common lighting fixtures of the modern home is the table lamp, especially in the bedroom. As a staple piece in the room, bedroom table lamps are usually positioned on either side of the bed on night stands. The unique aspect of is that it has to work for vital functions throughout the day. Bedside lamps are often the first thing turned off at night and turned on in the morning.

Layering light in the bedroom is important to ensure the best lighting experience throughout the day. While ceiling lights provide ambient lighting, bedroom table lamps offer much-needed task lighting. Sufficient task lighting is needed to provide concentrated light for specific activities. Bedside reading lamps or nightstand lamps are perfect to cast concentrated light for activities that require adequate visibility and focus such as reading, writing, or applying makeup.

Various Styles of Modern Table Lamps for Bedrooms

are a staple in the bedroom, yet they come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. For instance, offer a revival of design originating from about the 1930s to the 1960s. On the other hand, feature designs inspired by the machine age.

From mid-century modern and industrial to contemporary and minimalist, there are endless styles of bedroom table lamps to fit the desired look for the space. Bedside lamps can be used to accentuate the style of the furniture in the room. Alternatively, they can be chosen to add a dramatic flair to look and feel of the bedroom.

Gone are the days when a bulb covered by a classic lampshade is the only option. In the contemporary bedroom, table lamps experiment with shape and form. It’s not unusual to find square or globe-shaped bedroom table lamps. While , , and are the most common colors or finishes for bedroom table lamps, they are not the only ones. From bright to subdued grays, bedroom table lamps come in all sorts of colors to fit the mood of the room.

Creating a Well-Designed Bedroom with Table Lamps

Functionality is an important aspect of choosing the best bedroom table lamp. For those who read or work in bed often, a bulb with bright, white light is best. When it comes to creating an environment conducive to sleep, a bulb with a warm, glow is ideal.

Bedside lamps are often found in pairs for nightstands on either side of the bed. Matching bedroom table lamps create a balanced harmony for the lighting experience. Since one will frequently reach over to turn the light off and on while laying in bed, it’s typical for the nightstand lamp to be around the height of the mattress.

Bedroom table lamps aren’t confined to nightstands either. A bedroom table light can work well on a dresser, vanity, or desk too. Placing a bedroom table lamp in other areas of the room can boost task lighting and increase visibility at night, where the light is needed most.