Made by Besa Lighting, 2013.

The slender design of the Stilo 10 Pendant Light makes it well suited for arrangements above kitchen counters, dining room tables, and hallways. This modern pendant light provides generous direct illumination from its single light source. Designed to outlast trends, this decorative light fixture's shade features an open-ended cylindrical shape made from blown glass handcrafted by skilled artisans using century-old techniques passed down from generation to generation. Available in several warm finishes with bronze or satin nickel metal accents.

Product Features:

  • Lamping Options:
    • Incandescent - Dimmable
    • LED - Driver is integral with the LED lamp. LED light source is removable for easy replacement. Non-dimmable. 3 year LED lamp and driver warranty.
  • Shade made from handcrafted glass
  • Mounts directly to a 4" octagonal ceiling box
  • Suitable for use on sloped ceilings

  • 4"D X 10"H
  • Flat Canopy: 5"D X 0.6"H
  • Dome Canopy: 5"D X 2.5"H
  • Cord: 120"L
Glass, brass and steel
Lamp Type
  • Incandescent: 1 X 100W 120V E26 (medium base) A19 incandescent lamp (not included)
  • LED: 1 X 10W 120V GU24 (24mm base) LED lamp (included)
Item Number
1JT-412307-BR 1JT-412307-LED-BR 1JT-412307-LED-SN 1JT-412307-SN 1JT-412318-BR 1JT-412318-LED-BR 1JT-412318-LED-SN 1JT-412318-SN 1JT-412319-BR 1JT-412319-LED-BR 1JT-412319-LED-SN 1JT-412319-SN 1JT-412341-BR 1JT-412341-LED-BR 1JT-412341-LED-SN 1JT-412341-SN 1JT-412380-BR 1JT-412380-LED-BR 1JT-412380-LED-SN 1JT-412380-SN 1JT-412386-BR 1JT-412386-LED-BR 1JT-412386-LED-SN 1JT-412386-SN 1JT-4123CE-BR 1JT-4123CE-LED-BR 1JT-4123CE-LED-SN 1JT-4123CE-SN 1JT-4123HN-BR 1JT-4123HN-LED-BR 1JT-4123HN-LED-SN 1JT-4123HN-SN 1JT-4123VM-BR 1JT-4123VM-LED-BR 1JT-4123VM-LED-SN 1JT-4123VM-SN 1KX-412307-BR 1KX-412307-LED-BR 1KX-412307-LED-SN 1KX-412307-SN 1KX-412318-BR 1KX-412318-LED-BR 1KX-412318-LED-SN 1KX-412318-SN 1KX-412319-BR 1KX-412319-LED-BR 1KX-412319-LED-SN 1KX-412319-SN 1KX-412341-BR 1KX-412341-LED-BR 1KX-412341-LED-SN 1KX-412341-SN 1KX-412380-BR 1KX-412380-LED-BR 1KX-412380-LED-SN 1KX-412380-SN 1KX-412386-BR 1KX-412386-LED-BR 1KX-412386-LED-SN 1KX-412386-SN 1KX-4123CE-BR 1KX-4123CE-LED-BR 1KX-4123CE-LED-SN 1KX-4123CE-SN 1KX-4123HN-BR 1KX-4123HN-LED-BR 1KX-4123HN-LED-SN 1KX-4123HN-SN 1KX-4123VM-BR 1KX-4123VM-LED-BR 1KX-4123VM-LED-SN 1KX-4123VM-SN