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10 Lighting Trends from Euroluce 2017

Shining bright year after year (29 to be exact) Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition runs alongside Salone Del Mobile aka Milan Design Week. With over 450 of the best lighting exhibits, the event is recognized as the global benchmark in lighting, a place where technology and design take spotlight in influencing the latest in indoor, outdoor, and industrial lighting.

Many of these products make their design debuts in Milan, so they aren’t available to the public or in the U.S. just yet, but we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites that could be leading the charge in lighting trends for the coming years.

Philosophy, Movement + Gradients of Light.

FontanaArte, Setarah. The lamp is composed of a sphere in blown white satin glass, suspended inside a thin metal structure. The light spreads and diffuses the surrounding space, brightening the frame to create an aura of light.

FontanaArte, Heliacal. Inspired by astronomical phenomena. The Heliacal glass discs are free to rotate, either blocking the light or allowing it to pass, as the user pleases.

Technology + Illumination

The Alma Light Portable Table Lamp features LED technology, designed to illuminate a table, without the need of a plug.

Playful Objects + Living Arrangements

The Flos Gaku design includes a modular box and complementary accessories (lamps, bowls, vases, and trays) held in place by magnets.

High-Quality Glasswork

Bomma – The collection is known for exceptionally clear crystal and over sized mouth-blown glass that retains the highest quality. Bomma, Phenomena. Inspired by simple shapes: a circle, a triangle, a rectangle and an oval.

Bomma, TIM by Olgoj Chorchoj studio. The giant domes were originally created to house TIM Burton’s movie characters in his Prague exhibition. Freely hand-blown weighing up to 60 lbs and measuring up to 750 mm – a dimension very few glassmakers in the world can achieve.

Shades of Pink

Rose pink ruled the color palette in 2017 and should be a trend to watch. The unique shapes and forms of the Aplomb from Foscarini, Swirl from LZF, and Piola from Marset were aglow with this color choice.

Suspended Sticks, Bulbs + Geometric Shapes

Stickbulb, Boom. The innovative designs are back and bolder than ever with the new LED light, accurately named Boom. Made of reclaimed Redwood from dismantled NYC water tanks.

Michael Anastassiades, Mobile Chandelier Collection. Described as minimal and clean, the lighting creates elemental and geometric forms with a sophisticated and modern finish. Perfectly balanced in total equilibrium.

All About the Optics

Roll & Hill, Coax. A coalescence of metal, glass, and light. The materials hang serenely, appearing weightless against each other. Cylindrical echoes of transparent glass surround a tube of light suspended in air.

Tom Dixon, Cut Short Pendant. Futuristic and faceted, the highlight of the design is the space-age mirror finish. When the light is turned on, the fixture transforms into a translucent kaleidoscopic gem making it a true statement piece.

Keep it Interesting

Bocci, 87 series. Soda water is used to trap air in a heated glass matrix, then is stretched (like taffy) and folded back onto itself numerous times to create loops of pearlescent glass.

Illusion Illumination

Arturo Alvarez, Conversas. An uncovered and open faces collection, getting their dramatic appearance from the light that projects them onto the wall in 3D.



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Loressa Martin

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