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2018 Bathroom Design Trends

2018 is shaping up to become a banner year in design. For each room in your home, there is a push toward new looks (as well as the return of some timeless favorites that never really went away). With constant updates and innovation in technology and efficiency, we are seeing movement towards home integration, particularly in vanity and bathroom design. Pairing technology with timeless design is a guiding principle in the movement towards smaller bath spaces that don’t sacrifice luxury.

What can homeowners do to get a bathroom design that will exude style and luxury, both now and in years to come? Designers seem to have their eye on a couple old standby looks that never seem to gather dust, paired with some state-of-the-art innovations that will surely be favorites for a very long time. Here are some of our go-to looks for the year to come, as well as some ways to get that look for yourself:

Small is big

After years of spotlighting oversized vanity counters and double tubs, smart designers are training their focus on more small-scale luxury. A lot of this drive comes from necessity—most lofts in the city and many new homes today prioritize social spaces over oversized washrooms—as well as a cultural push toward greater energy and spatial efficiency.

Designers are also paying attention to the kind of light that different fixtures produce. Different kinds of light, as well as how light is projected and diffused, can make rooms look smaller or bigger. For this reason, more efficient lamping from LED fixtures are becoming popular both for the vibrancy of light created as well as the minimal amount of energy they require to produce it. With this in mind, lighting designers have come up with modern looking LED fixtures that don’t have that sterile warehouse feel. One great example is the Vanity Slim Mirror Kit, with its sleek look and multi-tasking (and space-saving) design.

What else will be big in 2018?


For designers, minimalism is the gift that’s always giving. It’s easy to see why the mantra “less is more” is one of the most salient in design–one that makes rooms feel larger, smarter, and sleeker. Ornate has its moments, but minimalism is pretty much always a driving force.

For bathroom design in 2018, that means simple lamping that accents the minimalist approach to living. Few looks are more minimal than the bath bar, which is utilitarian both in design and when it comes to geometry and line. A bath bar with few or no adornments, like the Aileron LED Wall Sconce shown above, can be used to create depth and dimension over vanity tables or mirrors.

Monochromatic spaces

Another perennial design favorite is back on our radar for 2018. Monochrome, i.e. design that emphasizes one color palate per room, tends to shift and adjust with design trends, never losing its place among favorite looks. That has a lot to do with how versatile it can be: go monochrome with bold tones for industrial and mid-century looks, or soften your approach using pastels or earthtones for seaside decor, country homes, and more.

Finding the right light for a monochromatic bath space isn’t always easy, though. Bathrooms are often uniquely shaped, which means that misdirected lighting can change the color effect. Diffused LED lamping offers a light temperature and spectrum that does wonders for emphasizing the tones you select for a monochrome space.

Resort-inspired bathrooms

We all want to get away once in a while. For that reason, a lot of modernizers look to bring the resort experience home with them by curating resort-themed bathrooms. Most bathrooms incorporate some elements of the luxe getaway lifestyle, whether it’s bathrobes or decorative soaps. But a lot of designers are emphasizing this style throughout the entire bathroom layout. Keep an eye out for soft tones and smart design paired with high-end tubs and other technology-focused products to create an engrossing bath experience. Big windows with a nice view doesn’t hurt, either.

Ready to bring your bathroom into 2018? Set the right tone with the right lighting. Start here to get your modern bathroom design underway.

Robert Sonneman

Robert Sonneman

Robert Sonneman pioneered modern lighting, making it an art form. Many of his award-winning designs have become classics of the modern era. Acclaimed for clean lines and his alliance to form and function, he has been at the forefront of modern design for five decades.

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