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5 Favorites: Rich, Brilliant, Willing

Rich, Brilliant, Willing creates beautiful and glamorous LED modern lighting with a minimal aesthetic. Made in Brooklyn, these 5 favorite lights from RBW will help set the mood with their simplistic forms that straddle the line between industrial and elegant.

Rich, Brilliant, Willing Crisp Wall-Ceiling Light | YLighting
Crisp Wall/Ceiling Light from Rich Brilliant Willing

The Crisp Wall/Ceiling Light is stylish and straightforward. Made of solid glass, the light’s round and simple form features a grooved design for a playful touch.  An integrated LED light is not only energy efficient, but emits a soft, ambient light, that’s not too harsh, not to dim, but just right.

Rich, Brilliant, Willing Monocle Wall Sconce | YLighting
Monocle Wall Sconce from Rich Brilliant Willing

Adaptive and flexible, Monocle can traverse a range of decor choices and spaces. Whether it’s flanking the vanity mirror in the bathroom, or providing pleasant reading light on either side of the bed, Monocle looks good while doing it.

Rich, Brilliant, Willing Radient Wall Sconce | YLighting
Radient Wall Sconce from Rich Brilliant Willing

Combining the warmth of wood and the glow of light, the Radient Wall Sconce is pleasing to the eye. Its soft, rounded shape draws upon the simple and minimal language of RBW to create a form of light that is evocative of the space it occupies.

Rich, Brilliant, Willing Mori Nut Pendant Light | YLighting
Mori Pendant Light – Nut from Rich Brilliant Willing

The Mori Pendant Light – Nut, draws upon an organic form. Its silken cocoon shape is inspired by the Bombyx mori, a silk-moth and its transformation from caterpillar to moth. Minimal, yet stunning, these pendants really shine when they’re suspended in large groupings.

Rich, Brilliant, Willing Palindrom 2 Light LED Chandelier | YLighting
Palindrome 2 Light LED Chandelier from Rich Brilliant Willing

The same forwards and backwards, the Palindrome 2 Light LED Chandelier is poetic in its form. With components that allow you to rotate and adjust, you can customize this chandelier to read anyway you want.

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Ashlee Coogan

Ashlee Coogan

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