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Bedroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Having a bright, well-lit bedroom is just as important as having a dark one. And your bedroom lighting design should start from the top down. Layered light is important when you’re going from rise-and-shine brightness to lights-out sleepy time. Also important: dimmers. But since we’re starting from the top, here’s a bunch of the best bedroom ceiling light ideas and tips. Take a look:

Bedside Pendants

Hanging pendants as your bedside lamps means one less thing on your nightstand. Or one less nightstand. Or two less. Depending on how much of a minimalist you are.

Layer Your Lighting
Recessed But Refined

Ambient lighting is meant to provide light in the same way natural light does. So whether you have the curtains drawn or the sun has gone down, your best source of ambient light is from above--recessed into the ceiling if possible. Then you can add more layers of light from there.

Layer Your Lighting
When In Doubt, Add Dimmers

When it's time to turn the lights down low, putting your lights on dimmers make the transition to quiet time much easier.

Layer Your Lighting
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Concrete Evidence

While concrete might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a cozy bedroom, neutral tones in a bedroom keep things calm and can make a smaller room feel bigger. And concrete pendants give you that nice neutral gray look.

Layer Your Lighting
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Bedroom Ceiling Fans With Light

If you're already planning on adding a ceiling fan to your bedroom for warm nights, finding a fan with a built-in light fixture is an easy way to add ceiling lighting to your bedroom at the same time. (As easy as adding a ceiling fan).

Layer Your Lighting
Go Big And Go Home

Oversize fixtures make a style impact. Something structural adds scale while still feeling airy and not overpowering.

Layer Your Lighting
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Three's Company

Three small pendants clustered together isn't just for the living room or dining room. You can pull this off in bedroom, with the right lights.

Layer Your Lighting
Looks Like a Chandelier

If you're considering a chandelier, yet have the pesky issue of low ceilings. Fret not, there are chandelier-like flush mount options out there to give you that wow factor without loosing precious overhead room.

Layer Your Lighting
Play the Angle

A simple globe light is never a bad choice, but adding an angular bent to the design takes your bedroom style to the next level.

Layer Your Lighting
Layer Your Lighting
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Once you’ve selected your bedroom ceiling lighting, you’ll want to add in wall sconces, table lamps and other sources of lighting at different levels–to create a layered effect. It also gives you the option to choose between different light sources depending on what time of day it is. When you’re in bed with a good book, all you might need is a bedside reading lamp–without the extra ambient light from the ceiling or chandelier. For more ways to outfit your bedroom lighting, check out our shop and our wide selection of modern ceiling lights.


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