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Bedroom Wall Lighting Ideas

Bedroom wall lights are a great way to add functional style to your bedroom and can be installed virtually anywhere in your room since you can hardwire them for a cleaner look or just plug them in when hard wiring isn’t possible. Keep in mind the overall design of your room and choose lights that have a complementary style and finish. Choose modern sconces, adjustable wall lamps, or pendants to achieve perfect layered lighting in your space and consider using wall lights to accentuate interesting architecture or features in your room.

Simply Classic

Swing arm bedroom wall sconces
Arti Wall Sconce By Hinkley Lighting

Bedside wall lighting is an easy way to give your bedroom a new look. For clean lines and a familiar feel, look for a simple bedroom wall light with classic features. A simple black fixture with an adjustable arm can complement just about any decor and can fit into the tightest of spaces if you don’t have room for a bedside table.

Classic and Contemporary

Modern wall sconce in bedroom
Hollis Bathroom Wall Sconce By Hinkley Lighting

For a contemporary bedroom, wall lights in an interesting but classic shape, like torches, can look great. Choose ones that have an opaque glass globe for soft diffuse lighting that shines in all directions and mount them slightly higher on the wall on either side of your bed.

Book Nook

Bedroom Nautical wall sconce ideas
Mercer Wall Light By Hinkley Lighting

Create a seriously cool bedroom for kids by building bed nooks. Adding a wall light to each nook will add illumination and a comforting glow for nighttime reading. Be sure to choose fixtures with a robust design and an inset glass shade for safety.

Sophisticated Shine

modern bedroom wall sconce lighting ideas
Orbit Wall Light from LZF

For a warm diffuse illumination, place a glowing wood veneer wall light on either side of your bed. An elegant style that resembles an intertwined sculpture is a great choice and will add sophistication to modern and contemporary styles alike.

Light the Candles

Symmetric wall sconces over bed
Seraph LED Wall Sconce from Blackjack Lighting

For a truly modern feel, choose a sleek design that combines a candle-like appearance with metallic accents. This type of fixture will provide up lighting and works especially well placed on either side of your bed above simple bedside tables.

Any Direction

reading light wall sconce in bedroom
Tub LED Adjustable Wall Light By ZANEEN design

LED wall lights are a practical and useful choice for bedside use. For added functionality, look for a light with a dimmer and that allows for adjustments to its angle and direction. Choose one that has an on/off switch on the fixture so you don’t even have to get out of bed when you are done reading.

Always Adjustable

swing arm bedroom wall sconce
Jackie LED Wall Light from ZANEEN design

A bedside wall light with an adjustable arm is perfect for reading in bed and then conveniently moving it out of the way when not in use. A simple design with neutral accents will work well with any type of aesthetic.

Artistic Talents

LED Bedroom wall sconce ideas
Hoop Metal LED Ceiling / Wall Light from ZANEEN design

Let light mimic art by installing a wall light that glows from behind a beautiful metallic front. Adding a dimmer will allow the illumination to be adjusted for any mood. This type of fixture will complement the other lights in the room for perfectly layered light.

Classic and Convenient

classic swing arm bedroom wall sconces
Classic Swing Arm Wall Light By ZANEEN design

A swing arm lamp with beautiful white shade and metallic accents is a classic choice for a traditional feel in your bedroom. Not only is a swing arm lamp a classic design, but it is also very convenient for adjustable illumination.

Futuristic but Familiar

modern led over bed wall lights
Circa Wall Light from Pablo Designs

For an intriguing futuristic look, choose a bedroom wall light that has an unconventional, yet extremely useful, design. LED lights allow for features like this large light disc that is completely adjustable from a central pivot point providing an interesting intersection of modern and familiar.

Midcentury Modern Mindset

bedroom modern wall sconce ideas
AJ Wall Sconce from Louis Poulsen

For a midcentury modern aesthetic look for fixtures with an antique brass finish and clean, industrial lines. When tabletop room space is limited, choose a fixture with an adjustable arm that will shine light where you need it and then collapse against the wall to take up a minimum of space.

Interesting Illumination

Artistic bedroom wall sconce ideas
Wave WAW Wall Sconce By LumenArt

LED lights can have especially interesting forms, such as flowing sculptural designs with a graceful aesthetic. Choose one that diffuses light from behind an acrylic body for ambient light that is perfect for your bedside wall, especially if your bedside wall is painted a darker color for attractive contrasts.

Architectural Accents

led wall sconces in bedroom
Wave LED Wall Sconce from Grok

Bedroom wall lights aren’t just good for bedside illumination. For beautiful accent lighting, use wall fixtures that provide uplighting perfect for accentuating bedroom architecture such as on either side of built-in shelves or a large mirror. Choose unobtrusive lights that blend seamlessly with your wall to let the focus remain on the details.

Change of Direction

mid century modern led wall sconces
Vane Wall Sconce from Morosini

A fully adjustable wall sconce is one of the best choices for bedroom wall lighting. Whether directed toward the bed for task lighting or directed up for ambient lighting, a sleek and stylish fixture that has a modern feel will enhance your bedroom’s aesthetic while adding functionality to your space.

Decorative Details

bedroom led wall sconce ideas
Tati Wall Sconce By Arturo Alvarez

If you have a small corner that is difficult to decorate, consider adding a wall light as a decorative accent. Look for one with a rounded organic shape and unexpected texture that throws warm ambient light in all directions for an interesting look.

Opposing Illumination

symmetrical led wall sconces
Tata Wall Sconce from Contardi Lighting

Choose a fixture that has dual globes to throw light in opposing directions for an interesting take on bedside wall lighting. You could direct one side of the light at your bed for reading illumination or position the light vertically for interesting up- and downlighting.

Raising the Bar

mid century modern bedroom lighting ideas
Tata Wall Sconce from Contardi Lighting

For a twist on using a pair of matching fixtures on either side of your bed, add a bar light directly behind your bed to illuminate artwork or a unique headboard. You’ll still want to use bedside wall lamps for task lighting, but adding an additional fixture will create nicely layered lighting for your bedroom. For extra convenience, install a fixture that includes a switch on the base.

Reading Light Ready

bedroom square wall sconces
Square Wall Sconce from Alma Light

For upgraded functionality, look for a wall light that includes a separate reading light for adjustable direct task illumination. For a contemporary feel, choose a fixture that has a clean geometric shape and is a contrasting color to your bedroom walls.

Pendant Perfect

Nelson bubble wall sconce in bedroom
Nelson Cigar Wall Sconce from Nelson Bubble Lamps

Combine the convenience of a wall sconce with the flair of pendant light to add functional and stylish illumination to your bedroom. This type of fixture works well over a bedside table. Choose one that has a beautiful shade and finish that accent your room’s decor.

Bedroom wall lighting is an integral part of the overall aesthetic of your space. The type of lights you choose will depend on your needs and the placement of the lights. Choose fixtures that enhance your design and provide functional illumination for tasks such as reading. Don’t forget to use wall lights to feature unique architectural details or your favorite piece of art.

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