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A Visit to a Spanish Design Atelier

During our recent trip to Milan Design Week, we took a little detour to Rubí, Spain (a suburb of Barcelona), to tour the studio of Xavier Mañosa, one of the top designers for the Barcelona-based lighting brand, Marset. Rarely do we get the opportunity to see our brands’ designers at work in their personal studios. So it was exciting for us to experience in person a space that regularly produces intriguing and artistic ceramic pieces.

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Dome Chandelier from Bover | Bover

Spotlight On Bover’s Dome Chandelier Series

The integration of art and light in architecture dates back centuries, and is the reason why lamps have gradually shifted from being just an item emitting light to becoming a light sculpture which confers a special personality to the product and its environment.

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Cerno + ICRAVE Collaboration

While trying to offer the best in modern lighting, our team at YLighting is always looking for new and exciting brands, unique designs, as well as handmade and one of a kind beauties. Even better, when such gems are produced in accordance with best technological and environmental practices. And our most recent example of this comes to us exclusively from Cerno.

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Handcrafted in the Philippines

Some may say it’s old fashioned, but we admire that all of Varaluz’s light fixtures are handcrafted out of eco-friendly materials in the Philippines. Traditional methods and ethical principles are what this company is founded upon, and their beautiful lighting shows for it. Check out all that this brand has to bring, designing unique modern lighting and fashioning it all by hand. 

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Glass Blown Pendants/ Melt Pendant Light from Tom Dixon|YLighting

Glass Blown Pendants

In the world of design, trends tend to just come and go. With the blown glass trend, however, that tendency is no longer true. Timeless, elegant, modern, and perfectly unique, each piece is a real work of art, and no two are exactly the same.

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