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Office Lighting Guide

Sure, the desk and chair set-up in your office is important. But you have to take care of your eyes, too. Office lighting can have a major impact–good or bad–on your health.

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Track Lighting Installation Tips

If you’re shopping for track lighting, it’s easy to find yourself confused or even a bit overwhelmed by all of the options. But a properly designed track system has function and versatility that serves many parts of the home very well, like kitchen islands, art lighting, hallway lighting and others. We’ll break down the process to help you get your system installed in three simple steps.

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Dining Room Lighting Guide

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the home. While retaining its primary function for entertaining guests, it has developed into a space intended for daily chores as well. Because of this, getting the lighting design right is key to maintaining a balance between the room’s traditional hosting function and its modern-day use as a frequently used common area.

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LED Terms You Need to Know

LED lighting used to be considered for commercial use primarily. But, as the technology has advanced, it has quickly become more popular in residential homes as well. As LEDs continue to gain share of the lighting marketplace over incandescent and fluorescent options, it’s important to know what LED terms mean so you can understand the advantages and select the best LED options for your home.

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Living Room Lighting Guide

The living room is one of the most dynamic spaces in a home. As its name suggests, it is where most of the “living” happens. The room is used for a variety of things, including lounging and hanging out, entertaining family and friends, and relaxing by watching TV or reading a book. However, to keep up with how functional the space is, the living room lighting needs to match.

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3 Easy Lighting Upgrades to Make Right Now

Every spring I get an itch for change, major change. Being cooped up inside during the winter will leave any sane person with cabin fever, and I am no exception. It’s that time of year again, and I have been looking for ways to make major changes to my home without breaking the bank or putting in a ton of manpower.

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How to Light Your Dining Room for Dinner Parties

“I love a good dinner party,” says Seattle and Marin County, California–based interior designer Caitlin Jones Ghajar. “Everyone’s excited and relaxed, you can sit with your friends, have real conversations, and nourish your bodies with lovingly prepared food, and generally feel lucky to be exactly where you are in that moment.”

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How to Pick a Reading Lamp

When it comes to picking the right reading lamp, there’s a lot more at stake than the look of a room. Eye strain, headaches, and other discomforts can be the result of improper lighting. Luckily, they can be easily avoided with the right fixtures.

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