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Design Trends: Transparent Lighting

Transparency is hardly a new idea when it comes to design, particularly modern design. Shimmering and bright, this see-through aesthetic has been emblematic of ultra-modern, almost futuristic, style. For nearly two decades now, the trend has been to look backward rather than forward, with styles reminiscent of the 1950s-70s.

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Design Trends: Sculptural Lighting

Say goodbye to the traditional light design restrained by supporting the classic light bulb.  Today’s modern lighting takes on sculptural shapes and gravity-defying designs to create a new type of light source – one that is functional and a work of art both at the same time. This growing trend has reached across all types of lighting. 

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Coral Pendant - Natural By David Trubridge, from David Trubridge|YLighting Nature Inspired Lighting

Design Trend: Nature+Inspired Lighting + Giveaway

While nature-inspired lighting might make us think of natural materials like wood or linen, elements like shape and texture can also pay tribute to the “organic” look. Channeling the great outdoors isn’t new, but we love the idea of finding new and innovative ways to do so, creating designs that are both comforting as well as familiar. These seven favorites channel inspiration into modern lighting that lets nature take its course.

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Top 5 Lighting Trends for 2017

2017 is here, whether we’re ready for it or not and that means design trends will be creeping out of the woodworks. One area of design that will definitely be showcasing trends is lighting. It’s one of those things we all require and there’s no doubt that thousands of new designs flood the market every year to accommodate those needs. With that said, certain design trends lead the pack and here are five that we think will be at the head of the class in 2017.

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Cerno: Modern Wood Pendant Lighting

Cerno is a Latin verb that means to resolve, sift, separate, distinguish and discern. Cerno’s founders selected the name, because they strive to make sure each piece they produce is fully resolved. A vertically integrated process is what allows their team of skilled engineers, designers and craftspeople to be involved in every step of production,

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Textural + Geometric Pendants

When it comes to choosing a new pendant light for your modern home, the possibilities are nearly endless. With the abundant variety of styles, textures, patterns and shade options, finding the right pendant becomes a dilemma. Add a layer of interest to your decorating with a textural + geometric pendant light.

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