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Desk Lamps |YLighting

Form, Meet Function: Our Top 10 Desk Lamps

Desk lamps shouldn’t just be practical, but beautiful also. From high tech to high design, our favorite desk lamps are the ultimate blend of form and function, making the daily grind a bit easier to manage. Here, we’ve gathered our top 10 favorites.

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Eclipse Table Lamp by OBJEKTO

Eclipse Table Lamp by OBJEKTO

While we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest designs from world-class manufacturers, our team at YLighting can’t help but appreciate mid-century and timeless pieces, as well as architectural or geometric constructions. When we found out that the Eclipse Table Lamp was available to the North American market, we were ecstatic! Here’s a look at this unique table lamp: 

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Task Lighting |YLighting

Modern Task Lighting Inspiration

Light up your workspace with an Artemide desk or floor lamp.  These sleek task lighting options are perfect for getting the job done. Whether it’s knitting on the couch, or working late at the desk, your eyes will thank you with. 

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Floor Lamp |YLighting

A Floor Lamp or A Torchiere?

Know the difference between a floor lamp and a torchiere? While floor lamps and torchieres seem like one in the same, they do have some distinct differences that make them totally unique. I bet you’ve been wondering which would serve best in your home. Here’s a little lighting compare and contrast to help you decide:

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Capitone Ceiling Light from Alma Light | YLighting

Five Favorites: Alma Light

Alma Light is a Spanish lighting company that designs and creates pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Drawing inspiration from everywhere, Alma Light‘s fixtures are characterized by their unique, thoughtful, and familiar designs, as well as their superior quality.

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Unique Table Lamps

Table lamps are highly practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pack a style punch. These clever and innovative lamps make a statement AND add some unexpectedness to your space — whether they’re on or off. Here are some of my favorite modern table lamps that are anything-but-standard.

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Oud Desk Lamp from Resident | YLighting

Resident’s Newest Additions

Resident can be described in three words: Progressive, Innovative, and Timeless. Every single one of their products is a new and bold interpretation of a traditional design, and is made from materials that are used in creative and innovative ways.

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PH 3½ - 3 Pendant Light By Poul Henningsen, from Louis Poulsen|YLighting

On Trend: Jewel Tones

Dynamic and distinctive, jewel tones are the latest trend. Resembling the hues of gemstones, think emeralds and sapphires, garnets and amethysts, these highly saturated colors make for the perfect finish on the modern light fixtures. 

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Modern LED Lights/Tolomeo Classic LED Table Lamp from Artemide|YLighting

Iconic Designs With LED

It’s safe to say that the LED has fully integrated into modern lighting. Even the most iconic designs are being retrofitted with these eco-friendly and energy efficient lamps. Here’s a few legendary fixtures made over with modern LED lighting.

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Anything-But-Standard Table Lamps

Table lamps are highly practical, and sometimes this means they can do more than deliver lumens. These quirky and innovative lamps make a statement and add some unexpectedness to your space — whether they’re on or off.

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