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LED Lighting Ideas

LED Terms You Need to Know

LED lighting used to be considered for commercial use primarily. But, as the technology has advanced, it has quickly become more popular in residential homes as well. As LEDs continue to gain share of the lighting marketplace over incandescent and fluorescent options, it’s important to know what LED terms mean so you can understand the advantages and select the best LED options for your home.

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Why We Love LEDs: A Designer’s Perspective

In 2009, Cerno was founded by three lifelong friends in Laguna Beach, California. Since the company’s inception, Cerno’s principals have embraced LED technology. Their line of modern light fixtures celebrates LEDs and showcases how the technology can enhance and even inspire a fixture’s form.

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Think Lumens, Not Watts

Despite the standard incandescent light bulb becoming all but extinct, the association of brightness to wattage is still an ingrained part of our selection process for finding the right lighting product. As LEDs become the standard in lighting, it’s important to understand the difference between watts and lumens, and how to determine what’s a sufficient amount of lumens for creating optimal atmosphere in a space.

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Kelvin LED Green Mode Table Lamp By Antonio Citterio, from FLOS Lighting

7 Things You Need to Know Before Switching to LEDs

We all know that LEDs are way better for the environment compared to their incandescent forefathers but that doesn’t mean you’ve been convinced to make the switch. If you’re teetering on the fence between LED and incandescent, here are 7 things you need to know before switching to LED lighting:

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LED Lighting |YLighting

LED Lighting 101

Not used to LED lighting? Uncertain of how bright a particular LED light will be in comparison to incandescent watts? If you’re looking for lighting and have found yourself confused by or unsure of LEDs; you’re not alone. We’ve been getting a few questions regarding LED lighting and figured it was time to help clear the air. 

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Modern Bathroom Lighting |YLighting

Modern Forms’ Modern Lighting

We’re sharing some favorites from the all LED lighting company, Modern Forms. Their modern lighting is full of fixtures with clean lines and contemporary appeal. Here are some brand bests, all of which boast energy efficient LED lights, and at a good price point too. 

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Modern LED Lights/Tolomeo Classic LED Table Lamp from Artemide|YLighting

Iconic Designs With LED

It’s safe to say that the LED has fully integrated into modern lighting. Even the most iconic designs are being retrofitted with these eco-friendly and energy efficient lamps. Here’s a few legendary fixtures made over with modern LED lighting.

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