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3 Easy Lighting Upgrades to Make Right Now

Every spring I get an itch for change, major change. Being cooped up inside during the winter will leave any sane person with cabin fever, and I am no exception. It’s that time of year again, and I have been looking for ways to make major changes to my home without breaking the bank or putting in a ton of manpower.

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Night Lights |YLighting

Light the Night: Our Top 10 Modern Night Lights for Baby

Choosing the right night light is integral part to any nursery. Too bright and it can inhibit your baby’s natural sleep cycle, too dim then it’s pretty pointless. Night lights can save Mom and Dad a few stubbed toes, and can even provide visual stimulation for baby when awake in the crib. Not to mention keeping the monsters away! We’ve gathered our top 10 night lights to share, all of which are perfect for creating a soft nighttime glow for babies and children alike.

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Modern Gold|YLighting

On Trend: Pop of Gold

It’s well known that I’m pretty obsessed with all things gold – including modern lighting.  Here are a few fixtures with a hint of that metallic hue that I’ve been lusting over as of late. 

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PH 3½ - 3 Pendant Light By Poul Henningsen, from Louis Poulsen|YLighting

On Trend: Jewel Tones

Dynamic and distinctive, jewel tones are the latest trend. Resembling the hues of gemstones, think emeralds and sapphires, garnets and amethysts, these highly saturated colors make for the perfect finish on the modern light fixtures. 

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