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That’s a Ceiling Fan?

Cool. Sculptural. Unique. Functional. Modern ceiling fans are anything but typical. In fact, they may not even look like ceiling fans at first. Just like with lamps, fans have moved beyond classic designs due to technology advancements. Gone are the days of having to choose between compelling design or function.

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Modern Ceiling Fans for Every Kind of Space

Ceiling fans are almost a necessity these days, whether they’re used by people who don’t have air conditioning at all or for those that live in super hot areas and need to give their A/C units a little help during those hot, summer months. No matter the reason, ceiling fans are also a great way to keep energy costs down

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Emerson Fans Focus On Energy Efficiency

Emerson has been mastering fan technology and engineering since 1890, and now more than 125 years later, Emerson continues to set fan industry standards with superior, high quality ceiling fans with timeless design for both indoors and out. With powerful yet quiet ceiling fan motors, Emerson fans guarantee efficient airflow at lower energy costs, continuing the tradition of excellence and innovation.

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Top 10 LED Ceiling Fans

Multi-functional and energy efficient, cool your home down in Eco-friendly style with one of these modern LED fans. Excellent in air circulation to push cooler air to ground level while keeping your surroundings lit during the nights, LED fans are the perfect solution to long summer days and evenings. Here are our top 10 LED ceiling fans:

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Design Pro Tips: How to Pick a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans. When it comes to circulating air and cooling a room efficiently, there’s no substitute. And thanks to increasingly sophisticated design options and technologies, you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort. Today there’s a ceiling fan option to suit every need and every interior design style, from modern to traditional and from indoor to out.

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Emerson Ceiling Fans: Keane, Luray, Volta

For 125 years, Emerson Fans has been known for producing reliable ceiling fans that have raised the bar for quality and design. Ever growing and expanding their collection of ceiling fans, Emerson continues to deliver modern fans that go beyond the conventional ceiling fan.

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Modern Ceiling Fan |YLighting

Fanimation: Full Round Up

Striving to streamline their product design for a more sleek and attractive look, Fanimation is making strides to remove exposed screws to achieve a cleaner, visual appeal. Beyond the efforts to improve the aesthetics of their modern ceiling fans, is a desire for building versatile and efficient fans to be used in all applications.

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Fanimation: New 2016

Fanimation is spinning full speed ahead with their newest introductions to the 2016 line. Innovative and forward-thinking, Fanimation has got it right. They’re irrefutably proving they have a solid grasp on the consumer’s need for fan functionality and design aesthetics with their newest line up of ceiling fans. 

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