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Recessed Lighting Ideas

The Ultimate Recessed Downlight Shopping Guide from WAC Lighting

Recessed downlights are a powerful source of ambient lighting and can be purposed to highlight features in a home, business, or commercial space. Commonly referred to as “high hats” or “cans”, a typical recessed downlight consists of a housing unit wired and hidden in the ceiling, followed by a trim and light source. The trim and light source are the only visible components after installation. Whether building a new construction project, or remodeling an existing space, recessed downlights have a critical role in the lighting layout.

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Modern Recessed Lighting |YLighting

The Beauty Of Modern Recessed Lighting

I think the beauty of recessed lighting is often overlooked in lieu of more dramatic and statement lighting. But there’s something to behold in the simplicity of it. And, these days, modern recessed lighting can be just as dramatic and eye-catching as any other form of lighting. Take a look: 

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