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Decorative Recessed Lighting Ideas

Nothing says sexy lighting like the word ‘recessed,’ said no one ever. Well all those thoughts you conjure up when you think of recessed lighting need to be tossed in the can (pun intended). You’ll be inspired by these decorative recessed lighting ideas.

Lei Steel and Crystal - Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Kit Decorative Recessed Downlihts | YLighting
Lei Steel and Crystal – Line Voltage LED Recessed Lighting Kit from Fabbian

The Lei Steel and Crystal LED Recessed Lighting Kit for example, use energy efficient, high output LED technology so you won’t feel the tell-tale heat standing just beneath.

Decorative Recessed Dwonlight Melody Recessed Lighting Trim from Swarovski | YLighting
Melody Recessed Lighting Trim from Swarovski

And then there’s next level fancy options like the Melody Recessed Lighting Trim from Swarovski. Leave it to the brand known for sparkle to dress up even a recessed light with two asymmetrical crystals.

Baia Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Kit By Maruo Marzollo, from Leucos Decorative Recessed Lighting | YLighting
Baia Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Kit from Leucos

There are several modern and beautiful lighting options that are in fact, recessed. Take the low voltage options such as the Baia semi-recessed spot lights from Leucos for example. The poured-glass light diffuser that sits between you and the light itself make this a softer, more artful and elegant way to illuminate a room.

Decorative Recessed Lighting Princess LED Beauty Spot | YLighting
Princess LED Beauty Spot from WAC Lighting

Whether you’re going for modern or luxe or a little of both, there are plenty of options to dress up your recessed lighting. If you’re hoping to get a little more advanced than updating the traditional, read on.

Decorative Recessed Lighting Flos Skygarden | YLighting
Skygarden Recessed Light by Marcel Wanders, from FLOS Lighting

Using decorative recessed lighting and wall recessed lighting is a surefire way to amp up any modern décor by using light to draw the eye, create layers and even heighten drama. Thanks to a slick designs like the Slot Recessed Wall Lights from FontanaArte (below) give you the chance to seemingly slice through walls with fluorescent light.

Slot Recessed Wall Light By David Chipperfield, from FontanaArte Decorative Recessed Lighting | YLighting
Slot Recessed Wall Light from FontanaArte

And no one ever said that recessed lighting is limited to ceilings. Recessed wall lights placed strategically within walls as accent lighting not only let you choose points in the room to draw attention to, but can shed extra light on difficult-to-illuminate areas or those not usually paid much attention.

Ice-Q Accent Light from Molto Luce Decorative Recessed Lighting | YLighting
Ice-Q Accent Light from Molto Luce

Once you’ve chosen your lights, you’ll need the appropriate construction housing and kit. Not sure about voltage? Or confused about the difference between baffle or lensed trim? For technical details on the different kinds of recessed lighting, and tips on how to pick the right recessed lighting for your needs, check out our handy guide.

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