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Design Trends: Sculptural Lighting

Say goodbye to the traditional light design restrained by supporting the classic light bulb.  Today’s modern lighting takes on sculptural shapes and gravity-defying designs to create a new type of light source – one that is functional and a work of art both at the same time. This growing trend has reached across all types of lighting. 

From elegant chandeliers to mind-boggling table lamps, sculptural lighting can be added anywhere in the home. Sleek, minimal and abstract, I just love how these lights embrace the unlimited possibilities of creating art and light in unison. Fluid shapes or simple orbs, they all appeal to the artist in me. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve gathered up a selection of my favorite sculptural lighting pieces that would surely make a show-stopping statement in any home.

In the Wind LED Suspension Light by Arihiro Miyake, from NEMO

With a delicate and elegant shape, the In the Wind Suspension Light by NEMO embraces the flexibility of LED technology. Designed to provide 360 degrees of light, In the Wind is available in a vertical or horizontal orientation so you can easily illuminate the dining table or a dark corner.

New Wave Suspension Light by Ray Power, from Lzf Lamps

I love the warm glow given off by the New Wave Suspension Light by Lzf Lamps. The two-toned wood finish adds an extra layer of character to this sinuously shaped light. Embodying a sense of solidity and flexibility all at once, New Wave is a wonderful option if you prefer the warmth and natural feel created by wood.

Planar LED Linear Pendant Light from Hubbardton Forge

Bringing order to what seems like chaos, the Planar LED Linear Pendant Light appears to be a haphazard assembly of geometric shapes. Upon closer examination, the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water, the inspiration for the piece, becomes clear. Clean lines and dynamic geometric shapes guarantee this light will inspire many a conversation.

IC T1 High Table Lamp by Michael Anastassiades, from FLOS Lighting

I love how the IC T1 High Table Lamp appears to defy gravity. Combining a simple glass orb with a slender stem, this light exudes an almost magical quality. Inspired by contact juggling, this table lamp would look fantastic on a night stand by the bed.

Crescent LED Pendant Light, Mini Crescent LED Pendant Light and Mini Crescent LED Table Lamp from Lee Broom

I am mesmerized by the almost alien look of these lights. Putting a modern twist on the classic globe light, the Mini Crescent LED Pendant Light and other Crescent fixtures appear as if they have been cracked in half.  Each globe’s split is highlighted by a light-reflecting layer of brass in between each half.

Air MG Large Table Lamp by Ray Power, from Lzf Lamps

The Air MG Large Table Lamp looks light as a feather. With another gravity-defying design, I love how the wood grain adds a subtle character to the flowing shape of this lamp. This award-winning lamp reminds me of a leaf curling and blowing in the wind.

Curl Table Lamp from Luceplan

Place a crescent moon by your bedside with the Curl Table Lamp. I’m fascinated by the combination of this lamp’s slender profile and how the arcing shape reflects the light. Add-in the ability to adjust the light output, and this lamp becomes a changing sculpture.

Vornado LED Chandelier from WAC Lighting

The flowing Mobius strip meets LED illumination in WAC Lighting’s Vornado LED Chandelier.  The twist and turns create a meditative mood as your eyes following along the flowing curves. It reminds me of a ribbon whenever I look at it.

Katana Floor Lamp from Leucos

Katana’s dramatic silhouette is not for the faint at heart. When looking at the sharp lines of this floor lamp, I can’t help but think of two, broad strokes made with a calligraphy pen. With elements graduating from thin to thick, this light almost creates a frame around the space in which it’s placed.

Sculptural lighting can be incorporated into any modern design aesthetic. Given their functional nature, sculptural lights are able to bring art into the modern home without creating unnecessary clutter. Whether your dwelling is an urban loft, a mid-century modern home or minimalist in design, sculptural lighting infuses these spaces with character and visual interest.

Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

Nicole is the Home Décor Site Merchandiser at YDesign Group. She is obsessed with great design in all forms with a special love for jewelry, wine bottle labels, and tableware. When she’s not exploring the many museums and art galleries of the Bay Area, Nicole spends time looking for and visiting obscure and unusual destinations (locally and abroad) while practicing her photography skills.

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