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Designer Bertjan Pot for Moooi

Designer Bertjan Pot has created a number of unique lighting collection for Moooi, including the iconic Random Light, as well as the Heracleum Collection, and the Prop Light Collection. Capturing the avant-garde essence of the brand, Bertjan Pot’s designs are playful in character, while remaining on the cutting edge of modern design.

Bertjan Pot was born 1975 and grew up in Nieuwleusen, a small town in the east of the Netherlands. He now lives in Rotterdam where he is as busy as ever.  Whether he’s being commissioned to do a project, or initiating a project himself, Bertjan Pot is continuously working on various endeavors. His fascination for material and the production processes is ever prominent in his designs. With a fascination for not only the way a product feels but also the way it looks, Bertjan is continually experimenting with new materials, old and new.

Random Light

Bertjan Pot |YLighting
Random Light – White By Bertjan Pot, from Moooi

The Random Light was originally designed in 1999, and is well on its way to becoming a modern classic. Each light is formed from a technique of resin drained yarn that is then randomly coiled around an inflatable mold. While it is very much reminiscent of a childhood craft, the results are far more superior and magical. But it’s in this child-like whimsy and playful character that the Random Light finds its popularity.

Bertjan Pot |YLighting
Random LED Pendant Light By Bertjan Pot, from Moooi

There’s a feeling of simplicity, softness, and just a touch of magic within the light’s contemporary style. The Random Light is available in either black or white, and three sizes of small, medium, and large. In 2001, an LED version was released, giving the Random Light an eco-friendly makeover.

Bertjan Pot |YLighting
Non Random Light By Bertjan Pot, from Moooi

While the Random Light has a chaotic look, the Non Random Light is uniform and straight-laced. Released in 2007, the Non Random Light  uses fiberglass soaked epoxy resin to achieve its tidy style. The end result is like a neat ball of yarn. Though it has a straight and clean look, it still captures the playfulness of the original Random Light, but rather channels it in a more uniform fashion.


Bertjan Pot |YLighting
Heracleum the Big O Suspension Light By Bertjan Pot, from Moooi

The Heracleum the Big O Suspension Light was designed by Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders in 2010. Taking inspiration from the Heracleum plant, also known as Cow Parsnip, this modern suspension light has a halo of white lenses ramifying from one branch creating a technical, natural structure.

Bertjan Pot |YLighting
Heracleum II Small Pendant Light By Bertjan Pot, from Moooi

Later in 2013, the Heracleum II Small Pendant Light made its way into the world. Capturing the same essence of its larger predecessor, the uses a technique of conductive layers, which gives the fixture its delicate and thin appearance. Like a living plant, the Heracleum Pendant Light’s leaves are not static, but rather they are re-positionable, by simply rotating them around their stem.

Prop Light

Bertjan Pot |YLighting
Prop Light Double Round Suspension Light By Bertjan Pot, from Moooi

The Prop Light Collection takes the style of traditional makeup vanity lighting of old Hollywood and gives it a whimsical, and playful update. While embracing the technology and aesthetics of modern design, the Prop lights warmly replicates the comfortable illumination of vintage luminaries.

Bertjan Pot |YLighting
Prop Light Floor Lamp By Bertjan Pot, from Moooi

Each light utilizes specially designed LED optics within the blown glass globe diffusers. Thus, these lights are both energy efficient and ready for the modern world.

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