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Dining Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

When it comes to illuminating your dining room table, you want to consider all of your dining room ceiling lighting options. As the old saying goes: one cannot light a dining room on chandelier light alone. In fact, if you’re in a low ceiling situation, you can get away with foregoing a chandelier entirely with the right dining room ceiling lighting strategy. Think, flush and semi-flush mounts, recessed lighting, linear lighting, and pendants just to name a few. Swipe through for more tips and ideas.

Linear Suspension Meets Chandelier

For narrow dining tables in narrow dining rooms, a traditional chandelier might not be the right shape. A well-designed linear suspension light can give you that chandelier look but keep things on the straight and narrow. Call it "chandelinear" lighting.

Layer Your Lighting
Codependent Pendants

The antithesis of a big, splashy chandelier is a minimalist pendant or two (or three, if you've got a really long table). Space them so they'll fully cast light upon your dining room table and you're good to go.

Layer Your Lighting
Cluster and Shine

Pendants don't have to hang alone, you can cluster a few together to create an ad-hoc chandelier that's unique to your vision. Odd numbers work best, grouping them in three or five is most common.

Layer Your Lighting
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Layer Lighting From Above

Recessed lighting is always a great way to fill in ambient lighting when layering your light in any room. And the same goes for your dining room. Put these on a dimmer for even more lighting control.

Layer Your Lighting
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Make It Match

So you've got a long, rounded, wooden table. Well, here's a thought: find a long, round wooden light to hang above it. Same goes for a circular table (matched to a globe light) and rectangular table.

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Expose the Inner Beauty

Most of the time, when installing your lighting fixtures, the wires and bare bulbs get hidden behind walls and shades but some fixtures where made to be exposed. Use that to your advantage by displaying the wires in unique ways or by using unique bulbs. Or both.

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Royal Flush Mount

When your ceilings are low, or you just don't happen to be "a chandelier person," opting for a flush mount light can be a good option. Often in a simple globe or other shape tight tot he ceiling, flush mounts offer added style and head clearance.

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A Chandelier-Like Flush Mount

But maybe you are a chandelier person, yet you still have the pesky issue of low ceilings. Fret not, there are more ornate flush mount options out there to give you the chandelier look without loosing that precious overhead room.

Layer Your Lighting
Define the Space

If you don't have a traditional dining room, but want to carve out a dining space out of a transitional area, the right ceiling light can define it.

Layer Your Lighting
High Wire Act

Using the exposed wiring as an element of the lighting design allows you to get creative and put your own stamp on your dining room lighting scheme.

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Layer Your Lighting
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Keep Your Light On a Swivel

Most light fixtures are just that: fixed in place. But there are options out there that allow you to move the light, should you move your dining table on occasion.

Layer Your Lighting
Layer Your Lighting
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Chandelier or not, the best course of action is to begin by assessing your dining room lighting needs–whether you want more light from the ceiling, from wall sconces, or table lamps. A layered approach to your lighting scheme is always the best method. It gives you more control over how light plays in a room–especially one where moods can differ from meal to meal. But of course, there’s nothing wrong with starting with a statement piece chandelier. Check out our modern ceiling lighting selection for ideas.

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