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Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

Equal parts function and flair, the modern chandelier has come a long way from the cut-crystal antiquities of yore. These days, there are as many shapes and styles as there are tastes, thanks in part to the still-evolving use of LEDs. More designs are possible now than ever before, so there’s definitely a chandelier out there to suit your space. Here, we explore some styles and offer some tips for getting the most out of your dining room chandelier.

Today’s Traditional

The first thing many people envision when thinking of a chandelier is the tiered, many-armed silhouette of a traditional candle fixture. If this idea appeals but the fussy details are too distracting, try a straightforward modern update, like this LED option in a sleek metallic finish. The notion of the chandelier remains, but the style has a fresh, industrial-chic look. Shown: Crown Major Suspension from Nemo

Image via Homepolish

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Less Frame, More Flame

Keep in mind the visual weight of the room when selecting your chandelier. Big, airy spaces with delicate details or lots of windows can feel heavy with a thick, robust lighting fixture as the room’s centerpiece. Opt for a chandelier with plenty of light and a lightweight frame to keep the eye moving through the room. Shown: Coppelia Chandelier from Moooi

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Be Dramatic

Dining room chandeliers can serve as the focal point of the space, so don’t skimp on the swank. Just bear in mind the rest of your design scheme so the look is clean and classy, not overdone. Again, visual weight is a factor, as well as color and balance. Like any decorative lighting, your chandelier should pick up color and finish accents throughout the space. Shown: Model 2097/30 Chandelier Light from FLOS

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Round and Rustic

The importance of shape in your chandelier selection cannot be overlooked. Round fixtures can work with both round and square tables, while longer rectangular dining tables might be better suited to multiple round fixtures. As far as style, a more rustic choice like this hand-forged iron chandelier still works in a modern space when juxtaposed with ultra-modern furniture. Shown: Double Cirque Chandelier by Hubbardton Forge

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Find Your Beat

Drum-shaped chandeliers follow the same shape guidelines as round fixtures. Here, the light source is concealed behind a modern facade of offset steel panels, just hinting at a subtle industrial minimalism in this sparsely decorated dining room. Shown: Moderne Round LED Chandelier by Kichler

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Crystal Persuasion

If the glamorous look of crystal is up your alley, modern options do exist. Even the most traditional cut-glass chandi can coexist with other modern decor if the room is carefully planned. Update the dining room with a clear glass table and unadorned walls, or bring in color and pattern for an eclectic, eccentric look. Shown: Rock Crystal Chandelier from Hammerton Studio

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Get the Hint

With all the shapes possible for chandeliers, it’s completely down to your style preference when selecting the best one for your dining area. This option is chandelier-esque with its light sources neatly tucked behind glass guards, but the sinuous shape is wholly contemporary. Shown: Hook Chandelier from Terzani

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Blast Off

A popular mid-century look, the Sputnik-style chandelier enters the 21st century with more explosive iterations than we’ve ever seen before. It’s a striking look whether lit or not, so this style is best suited to those who punctuate with exclamations. Keeping the rest of the decor on the simple side is a nice contrast.

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Shine On

A fixture that deals in contrasts itself—like this round-but-spiny, shiny, glowing ball of wow—is designed to steal the show. To keep up, the rest of your room should have strong elements that contrast with one another, like these ethereal wire dining chairs and sturdy, grounding table. Shown: Moderne Round LED Chandelier by Kichler

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Go for the Bold

Contrast is crucial to a well-designed room. If you choose an ultra-dramatic, avant garde, balance it with minimal design in your other pieces. Here, the sheer large size of the light fixtures are front and center while the table setting is a bit more subtle underneath. This balance is key for a harmonious vibe. Shown: Original 1227 Brass Maxi Pendant Light from Anglepoise

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Mix and Match

A stripped-down shape can still get a lot of looks with a textural approach. Here, the Sputnik-style silhouette combines strong-but-delicately proportioned iron supports with brass fittings and clear glass shades that do nothing to disguise the decorative filament bulbs inside. The cheeky see-through motif is carried through in the dining chairs, tying the room together. Shown: Raef Chandelier from Troy Lighting

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All Lined Up

Linear suspension chandeliers work great in the dining room because so many dining tables are rectangular in shape. The silhouette of the light follows the shape of the table, ensuring an even wash of light over each diners’ area. In this relaxing room, the fixture even has a bit of a see-through quality with its metal mesh, so as not to detract from the lightness of that stunning view. Shown: Tweed Linear Suspension Light from Hammerton Studio

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Candle Power

Long gone are the days of real candles burning overhead during dinner, but the look is still romantic—and attainable. Arranged in a minimalist line, this chandelier offers the look of candlelight above with ambiant illumination for the dinner table below. A look like this can be suited to transitional spaces and well into the modern realm with the right architecture and decor in play. Shown: Darlana Linear Suspension Light from Visual Comfort

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Fanciful Frames

Linear lights can often conjure a minimalist idea, and many are suited for that aesthetic. But there are more ornate options that can lend an organic, feminine touch to modern interiors. Again, to keep the look from becoming fussy or too traditional, lean toward sleek lines and bold color to offset a delicate chandelier’s more intricate details. Shown: Bask 6 Light Linear Pendant Light from Varaluz

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Be a Show-Off

Chandeliers are sometimes referred to as the crown jewel of a home’s decor, so don’t hold back. This sculptural chandelier is referential to a butterfly’s wings, but it’s abstract enough to be regarded as simply modern art. The open spaces in the metalwork are echoed in the see-through chairs, and the smooth surfaces below the light fixture allow it to take center stage. Shown: Monarch 3 Light Multipoint Pendant Light from Vermont Modern

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Adventure Time

For the modern-design lover with pioneer spirit, LED chandeliers offer the elegance of a showpiece lighting fixture with the forward-thinking design made possible by the latest technology. This chandelier is deconstructed and adjustable on the fly, allowing you to change up your look from day to day. Shown: Agnes Chandelier by Roll and Hill

Layer Your Lighting
Shape Up

As we’ve mentioned, LEDs open up the design possibilities like never before. Sharp shapes are possible that couldn’t work with fatter incandescent bulbs, and the only real limits are in the designers’ imaginations. This design is right at home with all the angles in the windows and wallpaper, and the dark table and chairs give the space a foothold. Shown: Agnes Chandelier – 6 Light from Roll and Hill

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Light as Art

A dining room chandelier should not only offer adequate lighting for dining and other activities; ideally, it expresses your personality as part of your decor. Thousands of options are available from the sedate to the seriously out-there, like this abstract design that is part light, part artwork. Shown: Palindrome 6-Light LED Chandelier by Rich Brilliant Willing

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Getting the Point

Older styles of chandelier have fixed candles that provide ambient light to the room, but today’s updated options come with moveable parts and adjustable arms to direct more focused task lighting where you want it. And they still make a beautiful statement as part of the dining room decor. Shown: Sommerard Chandelier from Visual Comfort

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Gather Around

The term “chandelier” used to only apply to a branched fixture with refracted light from the many crystal prisms, but today’s versions can be as simple or as ornate as you like. The difference between chandelier and pendant lighting may boil down to semantics today, though chandis usually have multiple lamps and/or branches. This chandelier offers the look of a collection of pendant lights, but with a single electrical entry point from the ceiling. Shown: Gambit 19-Light LED Chandelier by Tech Lighting

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Something Different

This impressionist fixture is a softer option for the light, Scandinavian-inspired space it calls home. The silhouette suggests a chandelier, while the integrated LED petals mimic flower petals, snowflakes, or stars (depending on who’s looking). And it’s easy to dress a fixture like this up or down as the surrounding decor demands. Shown: Heracleum II Small Pendant Light from Moooi

Image via @Dwell

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No matter what aesthetic, design movement, form, or function catches your fancy, there’s a beautiful dining room chandelier ready to hang in your home. Bear in mind elements of contrast and balance with the rest of your dining furniture and the architecture of the room, and your unique selection will serve your dinner guests with modern style for many gatherings to come.


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