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Editor’s Picks: Sci-Fi Worthy Lighting

Light speed. Lightsabers. Lasers. Light is a prominent feature in science fiction. And that is to say nothing of the mood that lighting can create. From bright colors in a fun space opera to more muted tones of a dystopian future; from the warm tones of the Rebel Alliance to the cold grays of the Empire, the lighting options in sci-fi are wide and versatile indeed.

Out here in the real world, some lighting designs are so visually unique, so functionally high tech, they seem to be ahead of their time. Literally. Below is a list of ten lights that would be at home on a spaceship, on some alien world, or some kind of super-secret government lab:

Swirl LED Pendant Light

Swirl LED Pendant Light by Stephen Blackman, from Blackjack Lighting

These pendant lights possess a look that calls to mind orbital movement. A center sphere is surrounded by swirling lines to make the whole think look like orbital paths of planets around a star.

Lacrime del Pescatore Ceiling Light

Lacrime del Pescatore Ceiling Light from Ingo Maurer

Although the name translates to “tears of the fisherman,” this ceiling light struck me as possessing a science fiction quality. Perhaps some natural occurring light on the alien moon of Pandora.

Quarter 5 Light LED Ceiling Wall Light

Quarter 5 Light LED Ceiling Wall Light by Pellegrini and Mengato Design, from Fabbian

Simple yet futuristic, this light looks like it belongs on the bridge of a Star Destroyer. The minimalist design and angular form captures the the look of the Empire’s gigantic battleships.

Bolt LED Wall Sconce

Bolt LED Wall Sconce from hollis+morris

The Bolt LED Wall Sconce looks like lightning tearing through the darkness. It looks like it could light the interior of a variety of starships, or it could be tracing the path of a ship moving at faster than light speeds.

Diesel Collection Mysterio Wall Light

Diesel Collection Mysterio Wall Light from Foscarini

The round form and warm tones of the Diesel Collection Mysterio Wall Light looks like it belongs in a lab. Honestly, to me it looks like some kind of supercollider, smashing atoms together at top speeds.

Genesis LED Pendant Light

Genesis LED Pendant Light from WAC Lighting

The brushed nickel detailing of this product fits the sleek, ultra-modern design aesthetic of most spaceships or space stations. The glass textured light itself almost looks like it would project a star-map by which to navigate.

Ledra Quattro

Ledra Quattro from Bruck Lighting

This accent light emits four rays of light, each of which are cool in tone, making them look futuristic and cool. It looks like something that would line the walkway of some interstellar space craft.

Ether 150 S

Ether 150 S by Patrick Jouin, from Leucos

Composed of glass bubbles hanging from a steel canopy, this chandelier looks like clusters of water drops floating in zero g.

Veli Metallic Large Ceiling/Wall Light

Veli Metallic Large Ceiling/Wall Light by Adriano Rachele, from SLAMP

Spherical and nebulous, the Veli Metallic Large Ceiling/Wall Light looks like something you would find floating in space. It reminds me of an Ion Cloud surrounding the moon Mr. Universe lived on in the movie Serenity.

Concentric LED Wall Light

Concentric LED Wall Light by Rob Zinn, from Marset

While at first glance this wall light might not seem like something you would find in a sci-fi show or movie, the concentric lighting on it cause it to almost resemble the navigation deflector array on the starship Enterprise. Or a colorful graphic of rings around a planet.

Hopefully this has given you some guidance on how to light your futuristic settings. For more information, contact our experts at 866 842 6209.

Rhyen Clevenger

Rhyen Clevenger

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