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Editor’s Picks: 10 Favorite Artisanal Lighting Fixtures

There is something to be said about a handcrafted light that has been molded and formed with the utmost care and precision. Knowing that every piece, down to the nuts and bolts, has been carefully hand-placed to create a fixture that will withstand the test of trends and time.

The handmade process also results in each piece being slightly different from the next, which adds to the individuality and uniqueness of every piece. It is that care and hand-craftsmanship that set artisanal lighting fixtures apart. Here are ten of our favorite artisanal lamps made by skilled craftsmen from all around the world.

Sky Bang Chandelier

Sky Bang Chandelier from Stickbulb

Handmade from sustainably sourced wood and recyclable metal, the Sky Bang Chandelier features a linear design that is perfect for over a dining room table. Because of its clean lines and breathtaking silhouette, this light is sure to be the topic of conversation at your next dinner party.

Parison Pendant Light

Parison Pendant Light from Resident

Each Parison Pendant Light is made by four to five people working together to create a mouth-blown glass shade from a mixture of black and clear glass. Instead of a perfect, round shape, the imperfections and unique nuances from the manual process are incorporated into the design–making each pendant light completely unique.

Bolt LED Wall Sconce

Bolt LED Wall Sconce from hollis+morris

hollis+morris is driven by a great respect towards nature. And no greater example of this passion can be seen than in their Bolt LED Wall Sconce. Inspired by mother nature’s greatest light show, this lightening bolt-shaped wall light is carefully handcrafted from wood and metal.

Modo 6 Sided Chandelier – 21 Globes

Modo 6 Sided Chandelier – 21 Globes by Jason Miller, from Roll & Hill

Wonderfully simple yet breathtakingly bold, the Modo Chandelier features an open, unencumbered structure made from custom-made aluminum and decorated with blown-glass globes. The globes are arranged to make a balanced, symmetrical design that will elevate even the most eclectic of spaces.

Parallel Teardrop Pendant Light

Parallel Teardrop Pendant Light from Hennepin Made

Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, the Parallel Teardrop Pendant Light combines the dynamic duo of spun aluminum and hand blown glass. The handcrafted light that’s created is not only visually stunning but made to last.

Lina 03-Light Triangle Wall Sconce

Lina 03-Light Triangle Wall Sconce from Rosie Li Studio

Sculptural art isn’t just for your bookshelf or display case. Instead it can be hung on your wall, as the Lina Triangle Wall Sconce proves. Meticulously made and assembled by hand in New York, this modern wall light plays with space, clean lines and globe shapes in a strikingly artful way.

14.14 Fourteen Pendant Chandelier

14.14 Fourteen Pendant Chandelier by Omer Arbel, from Bocci

Playful yet majestic, the 14.14 Fourteen Pendant Chandelier is a one-of-a-kind fixture, thanks to its handmade design. Each sphere is made by hand pouring the glass into a cast, and then once it’s removed, a hole is drilled into the top. Through this process, each sphere is made subtly unique from the next.

Viscosity Wall Sconce

Viscosity Wall Sconce by Rob Zinn, from blankblank

Doubling as a functional light source as well as a piece of art, the modern Viscosity Wall Sconce plays with depth and color. The organically-shaped panels are skillfully made by expert craftsmen and painted with striking color combinations sure to please even the toughest of art critics.

X Light Table

X Light Table from Stickbulb

Is it a table or a lamp? It’s both! The practical yet breathtaking X Light Table from Stickbulb is a handmade side table with lights along the inside of the structure.

Harlow Dried Flowers Chandelier

Harlow Dried Flowers Chandelier from GABRIEL SCOTT

The Harlow Dried Flowers Chandelier eternalizes the beauty of flowers with blown glass in geometric metal cages. Resembling the enchanting way flowers look when suspended during the drying process, this modern chandelier is artfully handmade, and each piece is carefully arranged in its appropriate place.

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