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Editor’s Picks: 10 Pendants from Around the Globe

Take a vacation from average light fixtures with a guide to pendant lights from around the world. This sampling of international offerings includes timeless favorites and new innovative picks for contemporary homes. From Spain to Hungary, Canada to New Zealand, explore the unique perspectives that have shaped today’s diverse design scene.

Tom Dixon – Beat Lights

The United Kingdom’s Tom Dixon is known for their boldly simple designs and innovative manufacturingconcepts. The Beat pendant light collection falls easily into this camp–with its clean lines and minimalist configuration, these designs are impactful without being overly dramatic. With both British and Indian influences, the brass finish on this collection makes it easy to bring warmth into any home style.

Petite Friture – Vertigo Pendant Light

The frame of contemporary French design company Petite Friture’s elegant pendant is made of lightweight fiberglass, which not only makes for easy installation, but also allows it to sway lightly in the breeze like a sculptural cloud. Petite Friture, which is known for their support of up-and-coming French designers, notes that the curved shape of this pendant creates an intimate environment, while the spines extending from the central lightbulb create playful patterns on the walls. Equal parts thoughtful and airy, this pendant is sure to make an impact in any space.

Artemide – Yanzi Linear Suspension

Inspired by birds resting on a line, this Italian lighting design is part classic modern design, and part whimsical delight. Each bulb in the hanging light piece is held by a small metal “tail,” and perches on the supporting beam. Italian design house Artemide is no stranger to creating iconic, fearless designs; the company has created quintessentially Italian-modern pieces since the 1960s. This pendant is perfect for a dining room with modern sensibilities, and a sense of humor, too.

Hollis+Morris – Bolt LED Pendant Light

Spark inspiration with this pendant by Canadian manufacturer Hollis+Morris–a piece sure to garner interest and comment wherever it’s installed. This punchy graphic design is (unsurprisingly) lightning bolt-inspired, but also utilizes the clean, white light of LED bulbs to their best advantage: in a statement design piece. Even better, this light allows for dimmer, filtered light or a focused beam, depending on your needs.

Intueri Light – Bullarum Medal Pendant Light

Hungary’s Intueri Light introduced the minimal design of the Bullarum collection with its unique form and style, which is coupled with the company’s excellent craftsmanship to produce a subtle, yet statement-worthy pendant. Available in several finishes, this modern piece is the perfect complement to any airy room, and allows spaces to feel light and bright without the intrusion of a large light fixture.

New Zealand:
David Trubridge – Coral Pendant Light

Always outdoorsy, David Trubridge is known for naturally-inspired statement pendant lighting that is as beautiful as it is remarkable. The company focuses on eco-friendly lighting solutions that are design-forward, while also easy to ship and install. Perfect for a dining room or entryway, these oversized spheres create elegant shadows on the walls and floor, and are available in several wood tones and sizes.

Louis Poulsen – PH 5 Pendant Light

An icon of Scandinavian design, Louis Poulsen’s PH 5 has yet to go out of style. Since the design has been in circulation since 1958, it’s likely to remain elegant and iconic far into the future. Known for its space-age inspired shape and creative color combinations, this pendant will easily make a statement wherever it is placed, and will certainly inspire a few comments amongst design-loving audiences.

Czech Republic:
Brokis – Knot Pendant Lights

The glassblowing extraordinaires at Brokis certainly know how to create a pendant, as seen with their Knot collection. Handmade at a centuries-old glassmaking space in the Czech Republic, these pendants look effortless when installed despite being painstakingly created. The rope chord through the middle of the pendants adds texture and depth to a piece already rich with history.

Marset – Discoco Pendant Light

Nothing says “fun” like this pendant from Marset. The circular panels reflect light in pools throughout the room, creating a festive atmosphere perfect for an evening fiesta. A Spanish brand with a long history, Marset’s excellent manufacturing and design background has made them a European favorite for many years.

Zeitlos – Wisdom Pendant Light

This stunning pendant from Zeitlos creates a zen, spa-like atmosphere with soft, diffused light. It simultaneously features luxe details like a central prism–which softens and alters the light–and a real gold leaf finish.

These are just a few of the many amazing lighting designs available from all around the world. To see more, check out the selection included in our international design event.

Lauren Walters

Lauren Walters

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