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Editor’s Picks: Giftable Modern Lights

It’s that time of year when everyone is out searching for the perfect gift. And a well-designed light is definitely worthy of holiday wish lists.

Here us out here—in design, lighting is often the ultimate display of form and function. Technology and utility are ultra-important in any home, as is making sure the aesthetic of each piece is one that you love. Lighting serves a practical purpose obviously, but it also makes design enthusiast hearts go a-flutter when done well.

You see where were going with this—here, find our top 10 perfectly gift-able designs to *light up* any of your giftees this year.

Balad Lamp from Fermob

Portable and rechargeable, the Balad Lamp is perfect for your adventurous outdoor friends. A colorful handle makes it easy to hang this lamp from a hook or nearby tree to provide some light in the great outdoors, on the deck or on the porch. Great for entertaining, Balad is a great gift for those who prefer to be outside.

Mantis Table Lamp from DCW éditions

As modern as it is in today’s settings, the Mantis design was created back in 1951. The design uses a clever system of counterweights and flexible metal bars for a unique aesthetic reminiscent of an acrobat suspended in midair. Functionally, this beloved fixture works everywhere from living rooms to bedrooms to offices, capable of 360-degree rotation of its focused task lighting.

JWDA Concrete Table Lamp from Menu

With a minimal silhouette and dimmer switch, the JWDA Concrete Table Lamp is perfect for creating a warm and cozy mood any time. The simple opal glass shade creates a lovely soft glow that I personally found so irresistible, I bought one for myself. The compact size also makes it easy to find the perfect place to display it among crowded surface real estate.

Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp – Paul Smith Edition

Fun colors and easy adjustability make the Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp – Paul Smith Edition the perfect gift for anyone who works. On anything. At all. I have an older version of this lamp on my desk, and you just can’t beat how easily it adjusts and stays in place. Add to that the fact you can angle the light right where you need it and this light can tackle anything.

Come Together Lamp from Artemide

This high-design table lamp’s beauty lies in its minimalism and battery power—providing up to 16 hours of continuous light. Its simple form with a transparent body of methacrylate with an internal shell crafted from a die-cast aluminum delivers light when and where you need it, and easily recharges by USB.

Laito Gentle Table Lamp from Seed Design

Dressed in navy blue from head to base, with gleaming copper accents, the Latio Gentle Table Lamp is like a well-dressed modern gentleman. The design’s exquisite taste and careful detailing are a testament to the thoughtful combination of utility and aesthetic.

Lampadina Table Lamp from FLOS

A cute little lamp with a lot of personality and functionality. The base of the Lampadina is reel that also acts as a way roll up excess cord and store it. Another neat touch is the switch built right into the bulb housing.

Uma Sound LED Table Lamp from Pablo Designs

Wherever you go, this little lamp can follow with delightful ambient light. Cordless and boasting a long battery life, Uma combines Warm Dim LED Technology with a rich 360-degree surround sound to create a unique single product that is equal parts portable lantern and speaker.

Gira Table Lamp from Santa & Cole

This may be the most thoughtful lamp you can gift this year. Each of the fixtures basic components have been thoughtfully considered and reconfigured to offer greater flexibility of movement. Its supreme function is intended to foster and intimate connection between the user, the light and the environment.

Mr. N LED Table Lamp from Koncept Lighting

For friends who dream of far-off galaxies and other worlds, the Mr. N LED Table Lamp is a perfect fit. The eye-catching shape is just the beginning of what this lamp has to offer. Dimmable, omnidirectional light and a simple control system makes Mr. N’s silhouette minimal and super efficient.

Control Lamp from Muuto

The Muuto Control lamp evokes nostalgia while also being a modern design piece. The simplicity of the bulb, base and knob will appeal to the minimalist on your list, while the big Edison-esque bulb will spark the imagination of the old-school design fan too. True to its name, the dimmer knob allows you to control the amount of light coming from the light.

While these are my top picks for affordable lighting gifts, there are many more options available. Get more inspiration by taking a look at all the giftable modern lights at YLighting for less than $200.

Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

Nicole is the Home Décor Site Merchandiser at YDesign Group. She is obsessed with great design in all forms with a special love for jewelry, wine bottle labels, and tableware. When she’s not exploring the many museums and art galleries of the Bay Area, Nicole spends time looking for and visiting obscure and unusual destinations (locally and abroad) while practicing her photography skills.

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