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Editor’s Picks: Lighting Designs to Make a Room Bloom

Spring. It has just about sprung, and the return to budding trees and blooming blossoms reminds me of the inspiration that the outdoors bring this time each year. Mother nature has long been a muse for design, and these botanical-inspired fixtures will have you ready to freshen things up. Below, find my 10 favorites for bringing great design into full bloom.

Harlow Dried Flower Chandelier from Gabriel Scott

When considering a spring update of your interior style, a good sure bet is a new contemporary chandelier. The Harlow Dried Flower Chandelier is a jaw-dropping contemporary masterpiece. Reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers that had been turned upside down to dry for keepsake, this unique chandelier dazzles with innovation.

Hanami Pendant Light from SLAMP

The name of this fixture, Hanami, is loosely translated from Japanese as the wonder you feel when observing flowers, and this lamp delivers plenty of awe. It features hand-folded flowers that capture and reflect light into all directions, fiercely radiating with glimmer. A dazzling addition to any design ecosystem, the Hanami is ready to upgrade your notion of interior style.

Floral Floor Lamp from ZANEEN

It is often difficult to match new lighting fixtures to existing décor. This may be especially true in specific interior designs, such as rooms with an industrial character. That is why I like ZANEEN’s Floral Floor Lamp. It shines bright through its industrial, petal-like folds of polished chrome.

Conia Pendant Light from Vita Copenhagen

Another way to bring nature indoors this spring is with lighting fixtures that have a natural character with a minimalistic design color scheme. That is why I love the Conia Pendant Light from Vita Copenhagen. It has the striking image of a tree’s conifer. The stark look is a brilliant addition to Scandinavian-style interior designs.

Blossomy LED Pendant Light from Masiero

The Blossomy LED Pendant Light is an ultramodern, and rather poetic, interpretation of a flower blooming in the sun. Here, the curving petals act as light diffusers, catching the light that is shining upward and spreading it gently downward.

Perch Table Lamp from Moooi

When considering ways to bring nature into your contemporary design space, avoiding kitsch is often a challenge. Many lighting fixtures highlighting animals may not meld well with contemporary interior design. An exception is the Perch Table Lamp from Moooi which, with its charming origami bird, will be right at home in even the most modern of settings.

Floral Pendant Light – Paint from David Trubridge

As they are all inspired by nature, any design from David Trubridge would qualify here. However, based on its name, the Floral Pendant Light is perhaps the most appropriate. The painted interior of this version adds just a bit more spring-like color, while the petal-shaped openings create a marvelous display of light and shadow.

Bloom New Pendant Light from Kartell

Color? Check. Sparkle. Check? A big dose of springtime vibes in a sweet modern design? Check and double check. The Bloom New Pendant Light from Kartell is a fun piece that draws inspiration from a vibrant spring bouquet.

Heracleum II Small Pendant Light from Moooi

Minimalism is always in style. When choosing fresh contemporary lighting, less can be more. The Heracleum II Small Pendant Light (and all its variations) features wispy LED “leaves” sparkling with welcoming radiance and springtime ambiance.

Flowerpot VP4 Table Lamp from &Tradition

Finally, brighten up even the darkest spaces with the cheerful lines of the Flowerpot VP4 Table Lamp. This classic design by Verner Panton has a characterful, graphic form and bright light that you–and maybe even your plants–will definitely want to tilt toward.

Trevor Clark

Trevor Clark

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