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Editor’s Picks: Lighting Only Possible with LEDs

While it is an often overlooked fact, lighting is as much engineering as it is design. And lighting design responds directly to the technology of the time. LED has revolutionized many things about the world of lighting, including power usage and lifespan. But the most visible and the most dramatic is what can be done in terms of a fixture’s form. The tiny footprint and relatively cool operating temperatures of LEDs mean that designers and engineers are able to accomplish amazing feats of form and function that at one time could only be dreamed of.

Raimond Suspension Light by Moooi

This fantastical form re-interprets the ball style fixture in a wholly new way, and it can do this because of the LEDs used. Two orbs are connected via the LED units themselves. This intricate and precise design works because the low voltage power needed for the LEDs can safely traverse the metal frames, and gives you a sparkling night sky whenever it is desired.

Circa Flush Ceiling Light by Pablo Lighting

The clean, minimal lines and wafer-thin design of this fixture rely on the development of Edge Lit LED Technology. This takes the LED and fires its light across a meticulously etched diffuser, creating an even, diffused light that would have not been possible before. This design means that the light itself can be of minimal depth and even quality not often seen before.

Mini Farrago Pendant Light by Roll and Hill

Tubes of light floating in space. This pendant keeps the design forward and the hardware minimal. The minimal footprint and heat requirements of LEDs allow a fixture to float in space in the way this does. The lifespan of LEDs also allows for an enclosed design that doesn’t need an opening or to be taken apart, making for a cleaner, less cluttered design.

Ledtube Wall Light by Marset

When it comes to small–yet powerful–lighting, it’s hard to beat this fixture. This fixture can disappear into a wall, only to pop-out when needed for reading or detail work. The minimal profile (made possible by the lack of clearance needed for LED) gives this space a luxe hotel-like quality and feel.

Constellation Aquila Major Chandelier by SONNEMAN Lighting

Small can be used on a large scale. This soaring fixture delivers plenty of drama in glamour where needed. The spindly frame is tied together with glowing nodes, building a constellation for your own pleasure. This vast and glittering form can only be accomplished and survive through the use of integrated LED lighting.

Ameluna Suspension Light by Artemide

The name of this light is taken from those of maker Artemide, designer Mercedes-Benz Style and “luna,” the Italian word for moon. This celestial design diffuses LED light all around its organically curved, transparent shade. An optional RGB spotlight ups the drama with your choice of color. All of it can be controlled with an app that memorizes your lighting experience.

Bolt LED Pendant Light by Hollis+Morris

Nature and science merge to create this dynamic and modern form. The minimal LED modules are sheathed in a crisp trim of solid wood. The use of LED keeps the overall profile as minimal as possible, while ensuring an even and level dispersion of light along the jagged length of the fixture.

Geos LED Flush-Mount Ceiling Light by dweLED

When the space calls for low profile, you will have to search hard to do better. This fixture clocks in at a staggering 7/8th inches from ceiling to bottom of the light. The clever use of LED Edge Lighting ensures a fixture free from bright and dark sections, giving you evenly diffused light throughout your space.

Corona LED Pendant Light by SONNEMAN Lighting

Modern spaces call for modern fixtures. A truly contemporary design the floating ring this light produces is a future icon of our time. The slim profile and minimal support system is made possible by the fact the LED operates on a much safer low voltage, keeping additional wires from cluttering up the design.

Flamingo 1550 Pendant by Vibia

Drama through minimalism. The light-deflecting shade has been a design tool since candles were the only thing you could get your hands on. In this case, a series of shades diffuses the light coming from a slim LED spotlight hanging below. The updated silhouette opens up the design, revealing the space between, as the shades do not have to shield or hide an light bulb.

These are only some of the amazing lighting designs that LEDs have made possible. Check out our selection of LED lighting to see more.

Cody Torgersrud

Cody Torgersrud

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