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Editor’s Picks: Modern Lighting Made From Eco-Friendly Materials

From recycled, to renewed, to sustainably sourced materials, eco-friendly options are available for all aspects of your life, including home furnishings and lighting.

Using recycled materials helps to reduce waste and keeps reusable materials from ending up in a landfill. And choosing materials from sustainable sources cuts back on the strain on natural resources. A win for the planet and for ourselves. We’ve gathered together a selection of our favorite lights made from eco-friendly materials don’t sacrifice on style.

Torch Lamps from Stickbulb

The Torch Lamps are elegant designs made by hand at Stickbulb’s New York City studio, with a single linear LED module encased in beautiful wood. The wood options are sustainably harvested, and the entire design uses only a few parts that are easy to maintain, recycle and reuse.

Moon Scraplight Natural Pendant Light from Graypants

Who would have thought that recycled corrugated cardboard could look so sophisticated while also casting a rich, warm glow around the room? The Moon Scraplight Natural Pendant proves that a common material can become something luxurious. With a pleasing globe shape and intricate negative spaces crafted from recycled materials, this pedant light is the ultimate example of eco-friendly design.

Slab 150 LED Linear Suspension Light from ANDlight

LED + 100% Wool = Match made in eco-friendly lighting heaven. This inventive reuse of an organic material most closely related to itchy sweaters gets paired with cutting-edge lighting technology, and also happens to be a great acoustic panel. Talk about a triple-threat.

Recycled Tube Light from Castor

This is industrial modern lighting design at its best: repurposing burnt-out fluorescent tubes into a striking linear light. The shade is constructed of salvaged fluorescent tubes secured using steel bands. No longer relying on fluorescent lighting, the fixture is lit by LED, naturally.

Jewel Square Multi Light LED Pendant Light from Axolight

Made from recycled glass and nylon, the latest from Axolight continues the studio’s drive for sustainability and lighting as sculpture. Looking at the way the lighting hangs from the canopy, is reminiscent of the cross-section of a cut jewel.

Coral Pendant Light from David Trubridge Design

David Trubridge creates all of his intricate wooden pendants using timber from sustainably managed plantations. And their intuitive design allows them to pack flat to help reduce packaging waste.

Tersus LED Wall Sconce from Cerno

The Tersus LED Wall Sconce from Cerno is an example of the simplest form unlocking a myriad of design possibilities. Its energy-efficient LED light sources cast decorative illumination on the wall, providing a subtle accent perfect for modern commercial and hospitality settings.

Swirl Pendant Light from LZF Lamps

Beautiful colors enhance the intricate knot work of the Swirl Pendant Light. Designed by LZF Lamps, the shade is crafted in a wood veneer from FSC Certified wood. The natural patterns of the wood are shown off as the light casts a wonderful, warm glow. I love all the intricate patterns and designs that LZF creates, and the wide range of colors makes it easy to find one to suit your style.

Plaza Mini Pendant Light from Varaluz

For over a decade, well before most lighting brands, Varaluz began investing in becoming as eco-friendly as possible. All of their products are made of 100% recycled glass and 70% of their collection is built from recycled steel. They’ve also reduced packaging waste by 45%.

Want to see more lighting designs that are as good to the earth as they are to your home’s design? Then check out the many more eco-friendly designs available at YLighting.

Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

Nicole is the Home Décor Site Merchandiser at YDesign Group. She is obsessed with great design in all forms with a special love for jewelry, wine bottle labels, and tableware. When she’s not exploring the many museums and art galleries of the Bay Area, Nicole spends time looking for and visiting obscure and unusual destinations (locally and abroad) while practicing her photography skills.

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