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Outdoor Living Ideas to Expand Your Space

Outdoor Living Spaces Add Design Possibilities

Whether you look at Outdoor Living as the last frontier in the world of high-end design or a return to nature, one point seems clear – it’s a hot topic.

Fine design out of doors was once something you might have only experienced on vacation. Hotels, lodges and resorts often invite guests to relax and take in the surroundings by creating welcoming spaces. These spaces were sometimes sheltered and other times, were just there to enjoy in fair weather.

Hubbardton Forge Outdoor | YLighting
Divergence Outdoor Pendant Light by Hubbardton Forge

Much like other design trends that have found their way into residential spaces after vacationers return to homes that seem just a little less interesting after their travels – think of the popularity of French or tropical influences that sometimes appear – Outdoor Living has come home to roost.

With full outdoor kitchens, and elegant outside dining areas and lounges, as well as other entertainment spaces, it made sense to provide lighting fixtures that do those spaces justice. Hubbardton Forge has introduced four new pendant lights to do just that. The Divergence Pendant Light’s contemporary look fits in with some of the sleek designs we’re seeing in these spaces and creates a focal point. Choice of bulbs (either frosted globe or Edison-style) also creates distinctly different looks, with the Edison-style edging it more toward an industrial aesthetic.

The Umbra Pendant Light  offers a modern look. The double shades – the outer a framework of connected metal polygons, the inner an offset frosted glass – create an intriguing design. Perfect for an outdoor area as a single or in multiples, it could also function admirably in a portico.

Hubbardton Forge Outdoor Living | YLighting
Umbra Outdoor Pendant Light by Hubbardton Forge

Perhaps more appropriate for a portico are the two pendants that share the name. The Portico Pendant Light and Portico Drum Pendant Light each give a wink to the classic sweeping arm chandelier style, but update the look. Each pendant could also dress up a dining area or lounge. And of course, each piece could work great indoors as well.

Hubbardton Forge Outdoor Living | YLighting
Portico Drum Outdoor Pendant Light by Hubbardton Forge

One of the challenges of outdoor fixtures is of course, having them outdoors. The elements aren’t kind to fixtures and finishes. Fortunately, the team in Vermont didn’t stop with the aesthetics of the new collection. The introduction of the Outdoor Living Collection is paired with brand new Coastal Outdoor Finishes. The finishes were extensively tested by the Forge in the company’s new salt spray chamber. The chamber created an environment with 100% humidity and salinity nearly 50% greater than average sea water. The finishes came through with flying colors. They’re offered in six different finish colors and are available on all Hubbardton Forge outdoor fixtures.

So, live it up. Hubbardton Forge will light your way.

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