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Exterior Wall Lighting Ideas

Exterior wall lighting is a great way to accent your home while drawing attention to interesting architectural features. Placed on either side of a door or set of windows, or used to break up a solid wall, exterior wall lights add curb appeal and a sense of modernity. Where safety is a concern, wall lights will provide necessary illumination while remaining unobtrusive. They can also be used in conjunction with other exterior lights for ambient light in outdoor seating areas.

Blending In

mdoern exterior outdoor lighting ideas -YLighting
TECH Lighting Outdoor Lighting

Add ambient light to your outdoor seating areas by installing lights to nearby exterior walls. Fixtures that provide up- and downlighting are the best choice and will make for an even more relaxing atmosphere. Look for ones with a rounded housing for lights that will blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

Door Framed

led outdoor wall sconce ideas - YLighting
River Path LED Outdoor Wall Light from Kichler

Add dramatic curb appeal to your front porch by installing wall lights on either side of your front door. An LED option will provide the perfect amount of energy-efficient illumination. A larger rectangular fixture will frame your doorway with a gentle glow that couldn’t be more welcoming.

Warm Front

Outdoor LED Wall and Ceiling Lighting - Ylighting
Pantarei Outdoor LED Wall/Ceiling Light from Artemide

For a modern take on a porch light, consider installing a circular wall light near your front door, adding style to your front entryway while providing illumination for safety. Be sure to choose a wet- or damp-rated fixture for long-lasting weather resistance.

A Lasting Impression

Large Outdoor Wall Mounted Lights
Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Wall Mounted Lamp from Anglepoise

For a great statement piece, look for exterior wall light with an unexpected design. For example, a giant all-weather desk lamp mounted to the side of your house is sure to make an impression while providing excellent ambient lighting.

Curb Appeal

Outdoor wall mounted lighting - YLighting
Niki Outdoor LED Wall/Ceiling Light from Artemide

Add symmetry and interest by installing wall lights between windows. Highlighting architectural details with exterior wall lights is a great way to increase the curb appeal and style of your home. Think about ways to add contrast such as choosing circular lights to offset large rectangular windows.

Garden Variety Lights

Outdoor LED Wall Sconces - YLighting
Ciclope Outdoor LED Wall Light from Artemide

Make your own secret garden by installing exterior wall lights around the perimeter of your space to add a warm and relaxing glow. Choose ones that throw light downward to avoid unpleasant glare and to add useful path illumination for safety.

Fire and Light

cylinder outdoor wall lighting ideas - YLighting
Ash Cylinder Outdoor Wall Light from Tech Lighting

For a patio with a fire table, add to the warm glow with ambient light from an exterior wall light mounted nearby. Choose a stylish fixture that mimics the surrounding aesthetic and throws light downward to illuminate walkways for safer passage.

Safe Passage

Modern Forms Exterior Wall Sconces - YLighting
Dawn Outdoor Wall Light from Modern Forms

A modern exterior wall light can add a lot of interest to a contemporary entry and walkway. One that throws light downward as well as towards the wall for a washing effect will add illumination for safety and for decorative effect.

Classic Examples

lantern style outdoor wall sconces.
Capanna Outdoor Wall Light from Kichler

A classic use of exterior wall lights is installing lantern fixtures on either side of your front door. Not only will this type of light add illumination for finding your keys, but it will also add visual interest for better curb appeal.

Safety Measures

exterior wall sconce lighting ideas - YLighting
Cascade Outdoor Wall Sconce from Hinkley Lighting

An exterior wall sconce with a trim profile will add illumination to your front door and style to your home. A classic combination of black and white will complement any aesthetic and will always look great. One that provides downlighting is especially helpful in increasing safety around the exterior of your home.

Modern Classics

Outdoor wall sconces ideas - YLighting
Republic Outdoor Wall Light from Hinkley Lighting

A reimagined take on a classic design is a great choice for an exterior wall light on a contemporary home. Even next to a modern art sculpture, a lantern will never look out of place. For added style, choose one with a black finish and seeded glass diffusers.

Gathering Places

patio wall sconces
Rhodes Outdoor Wall Light from Hinkley Lighting

Exterior wall lights can be used in conjunction with pendants or chandeliers to create a rustic, well-lit getaway. A covered patio with inviting seating will be a favorite lounging spot fo family and guests alike so be sure to provide adequate lighting for safety and comfort.

Invitation Accepted

farmhouse outdoor wall sconce ideas - YLighting
Atwell Outdoor Wall Light from Hinkley Lighting

Add usefully and inviting illumination to a back patio by placing a vintage-inspired lantern on either side of your patio doors. A gooseneck design with an industrial finish and accents is sure to delight guests, especially if you use reproduction bulbs.

Clean Lines

Modern outdoor tube wall lights
Dahlia 2 Light LED Outdoor Wall Light from Kichler

For a minimalist styling, look for exterior wall light with a crisp and clean design that will provide ample illumination for relaxation and backyard gatherings. A rectangular fixture with smooth satin diffusers will throw warm light in all directions for perfect results.

Outdoor wall lights are a perfect example of function meeting form. Necessary for safe passage in the dark, exterior wall lights also go a long way toward adding style and curb appeal to your home. Your outdoor living space will never look better than if you install wall fixtures for relaxing and inviting illumination. For more YLighting ideas, see our Wall Lighting Ideas and Outdoor Lighting Ideas.

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