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On Our Radar: Modern + Made in the USA

Quality. Creativity. Innovation. Environmental awareness. In modern lighting, you can expect these values and more from brands who manufacture their designs right here in the United States.

Where a product is manufactured can have implications in everything from the technology to the environmental impact of a design. You can find a number of brands throughout the USA who don’t just create beautiful fixtures, but are committed to forward thinking, environmentally-conscious processes that drive them to be industry leaders in design. Let’s meet four of our favorites:

Irvine, CA

Nick Sheridan, Dan Wacholder, Bret Englander of Cerno

Located in sunny southern California, Cerno is a cool, modern lighting company founded on a passion for creativity. While the official established date for the company is 2009, Cerno really began more than 25 years earlier when its three founders–Nick Sheridan, Dan Wacholder and Bret Englander–were childhood friends.

Influenced by their upbringing, the trio shares a collective belief in the power of creativity, as well as the drive to bring to life something that seemed like an impossible idea. That common ideology has driven Cerno since day one, and continues to do so today. The company uses environmentally responsible materials (sustainably sourced wood, recycled materials) to build their stunning-yet-practical fixtures in their SoCal HQ.

Rich Brilliant Willing
Brooklyn, NY

Rich Brilliant Willing design studio

Cleverly named after the three founders–Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams–Brooklyn-based studio Rich Brilliant Willing keeps creativity at its core. Richardson, Brill, and Williams were friends in design school and shared the idea that quality light is key. So after graduation in 2007 , they founded their company with the strong belief that light has the power to transform a room. Today, Rich Brilliant Willing focuses on technology, simplicity and creativity to design and manufacture LED light fixtures that are as innovative as they are beautiful.

Hennepin Made
Minneapolis, MN

Hennepin Made glass blowing studio

Hennepin Made began when Joe Limpert was Jackson Schwartz’s apprentice. Before the two were business partners, Schwartz taught Limpert everything he knew about the art of glass blowing for two years. It was during this time the idea for Hennepin Made was born.

Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2011, this American modern lighting company’s core belief is “beautiful objects have an essential place in our everyday life.” In their warehouse, Hennepin Made creates handcrafted, blown glass lights designed to enhance a room with light as well as serving as decor. Even though it is a fairly young company, Hennepin Made is one of the top designers and creators of high-quality, American-made blown glass lamps.

Hubbardton Forge
Castleton, VT

Hubbardton Forge hand-forging process

Self-described as the “Modern American Blacksmiths,” Hubbardton Forge is an American lighting company built upon the marriage of traditional and modern design. Founded in 1974 in an old barn in Hubbardton, Vermont, Hubbardton Forge has been creating stunning light fixtures for over 40 years, combining traditional metalworking with modern techniques and environmentally-friendly processes.

The timeless and quality design of each product begins with the materials. When possible, Hubbardton Forge sources their materials from local Vermont vendors. Each lamp is then handmade by a skilled craftsman one at a time. This process ensures every lamp is of the highest quality. The brand has also remained dedicated to an environmentally conscious design process. Developing innovative technologies to help reduce waste, this Vermont lighting company is an industry leader in saving energy and lowering its impact on the environment.

From coast to coast, the United States is home to some of the most inventive modern lighting companies. And with the shared common values of quality, creativity, and awareness, these will continue to move the design world forward and be industry leaders for the world.

Becca Bird

Becca Bird

Becca is a Senior Site Merchandiser for YLighting and a firm believer in the idea that sometimes more really is more. As a lover of bright colors and bold patterns, Becca loves for her affinity of color to transcend into all aspect of her life - from her clothes to her home decor. When not at work, Becca can often be found online shopping, watching the latest scary movie, or brushing up on her fun facts.

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