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Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Flush mount ceiling lights are a great choice for nearly any room. Especially rooms with low ceilings can benefit from this type of fixture. When choosing your flush mount lights, take into account the size of your room and the desired aesthetic. While flush mount lights will provide good ambient light, you may need to install additional fixtures or rely upon floor lamps for more focused task lighting. Also, be sure the style, color, and metallic accents of the light are well-suited for your space.

Into the Light

large bathroom flush mount lighting ideas.
Boxie Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Tech Lighting

Flush mount ceiling lights are a good option for a bathroom because they usually won’t add glare or reflect off the mirror in an unpleasant way. Add dimmers for more enjoyable lighting to take a relaxing bath or to visit the bathroom at night without hurting your eyes.

Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom flush mount ceiling lighting.
Boxie Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Tech Lighting

If you need more lighting in your shower, a flush mount fixture is one of the best routes to go. For this type of humid environment, be sure to choose a fixture that is damp-rated to withstand the moisture.

Larger Than It Looks

bedroom led flush mount lighting ideas.
Janeiro K LED Flushmount By Nemo

A small bedroom can be a great place to use a low-profile flush mount ceiling light. By adding a smaller light closer to the ceiling, the room will appear larger and the ceiling higher. Choose an all-white fixture for the flexibility to look great with any decor.

Small Change

semi flush entryway lighting.
Modern Semi Flush Ceiling Lighting

Flush mount and semi flush mount lights are a great choice for small entryways and mudrooms because they provide a great deal of ambient light without sacrificing too much space. Look for one with metallic accents that match the other details of your space for a cohesive design.

Nicely Neutral

wall and ceiling sconce ideas.
Berlin Wall Sconce from Oluce

A seating area with warm neutral coloring will be perfectly complemented by a gold-accented flush mount ceiling light. No matter its placement in the room, this type of fixture will provide warm ambient lighting for all to enjoy while relaxing with a conversation or a book.

Semi Flush Flawless

semi flush mount lighting ideas for low ceilings.
Collier Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Hinkley Lighting

A semi flush mount light with brass accents is the best choice for a stylish fixture in a mid century modern space with a lower ceiling. Choose one with an opal diffuser for warm illumination and be sure to add other lights to achieve perfect layered lighting.

Better Brightness

modern flush lamp entryway lighting
Low Profile Ceiling Lighting

A lively combination of flush mount and semi flush mount fixtures with the same design and metallic accents is a great way to add better lighting to an entrance hallway. As your hallway narrows, use smaller fixtures for better proportionality.

Taking it to Task

semi flush mount low ceiling kitchen lighting
Charlotte Foyer Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Hinkley Lighting

Semi flush mount fixtures are an effective and stylish way to add more light to your kitchen. When installed above a kitchen island, this type of light will provide useful task lighting for the work area and pleasant ambient light for the whole space.

Keeping It Cool

modern low profile bathroom lighting ideas.
Modern Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting

A contemporary bathroom with a cool blue aesthetic will be a perfect backdrop for a classically designed flush mount ceiling light. Choose one with nickel or chrome metallic accents to match the cool colors of the room and an opal white diffuser for warm lighting throughout.

Antique Glow

antique flush mount lighting ideas.
Brinley Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Kichler

For a vintage take on a flush mount light, look for one that has multiple lamps descending from one body and uses globes that are reminiscent of canning jars. Decorative light bulbs, such as Edison bulbs, will add even more antique flair and personality.

Examples of Elegance

elegant flush mount lighting ideas.
Pascale Ceiling Light from Leucos Lighting

A flush mount light with a chrome body and a crystal diffuser is a perfectly elegant choice for a romantic room. Paired with bright walls and gauzy window treatments, this flush mount crystal chandelier is sure to create a relaxing getaway with warmly diffuse light.

While they may not seem as stylish a choice as chandeliers or pendants, flush mount fixtures and LED lighting can be used in a wide variety of spaces and are a statement in their own right. Perfect for spaces with lower ceilings, low profile ceiling lights will provide warm ambient light without taking up too much headroom. There is sure to be an option that will work perfectly for your lighting needs. For more YLighting ideas, see our Ceiling Lighting Ideas.

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