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Flush Mount Ceiling Lights for Every Room in the House

Flush mount ceiling lights—so-named since they are mounted flush with the ceiling—are the workhorses of the lighting world. They can be used to stunning effect in every room, from bedrooms to hallways to kitchens. But they’re especially critical in low-ceilinged spaces where pendants, chandeliers, or other dangling lights would pose the risk of head-bumps.

Flush mount lights are highly versatile thanks to their low profile and compact size. They also come in a wide range of materials and silhouettes, allowing them to fit in with any decor. Though they’re typically designed to be inconspicuous—to provide maximum light with minimal disturbance of the ceiling plane—you can also find some eye-catchers in the bunch. After all, even rooms with low ceilings or limited square footage deserve a little sparkle.

Herewith, some of our favorite flush mount picks for every room of the house.


Flush Mount Ceiling Lights | YLighting
The Smithfield C Ceiling Light by Jasper Morrison for FLOS Lighting

The nearly two-foot-diameter Smithfield C Ceiling Light is big enough to add some drama and heft to a kitchen ceiling, yet its streamlined form keeps things clean and minimalist—a good look for a modern kitchen. It comes in shiny white, black, or muddy gray with either halogen or fluorescent lamping.


Flush Mount Ceiling Lights | YLighting
Fluid Round Large Ceiling Light from TECH Lighting

A slightly irregular effect—formed by molten glass poured into a contoured mold, then fire-polished after it cools—defines the unique but simple design of the Fluid Round Large Ceiling Light. It looks slightly different depending on how light hits it and what angle it’s viewed from. These subtle qualities set it apart from your standard bathroom ceiling fixture. It’s rated for a damp or wet location, making it perfect in powder or bathroom.



Flushmount Ceiling Lights | YLighting
Bling Flushmount by Robert Abbey

Enlist the Bling Flushmount from Robert Abbey to greet guests with a little glamour. You’ll need a little extra ceiling height for this guy, since the bottom-most glass drop beads hang a foot from the mounting hardware. For spaces where you crave a chandelier, but need to keep things tighter like an entryway or hallway with eight-foot ceilings, this piece suits beautifully.


Flush Mount Ceiling Lights | YLighting
Rituals 2 Ceiling Light by Ludovica Palomba from Foscarini

Resembling a modern, high-tech version of a Japanese paper lantern, the Rituals 2 Ceiling Light provides ambient, diffused illumination thanks to Murano glass molded into a ripple effect. We think it’s ideal in a peaceful, quiet room—a master bedroom, yoga room, or the like.


Flush Mount Ceiling Lights | YLighting
Modo Ceiling Light by Jason Miller for Roll & Hill

It’s amazing what a big statement a small piece can make. Take the Modo 5-Globe Ceiling Light, by Roll & Hill founder Jason Miller—an ideal piece to create drama above a dining table. Five glass globes spike off a five-inch wide canopy, reflecting light and adding a sense of moodiness wherever it’s installed. You can switch up the finishes to create unique combinations; the base comes in black, bronze, polished nickel and brushed brass finishes with a choice of smoke, clear or cream glass globes. This is the definition of instant glamour.

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