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Garden Lighting Ideas

Garden lights are great for enhancing the atmosphere and illumination of outdoor spaces. Whether you want to brighten pathways in the front yard or host a garden party in the backyard, landscape lighting offers plenty of solutions. Some light fixtures easily blend in with nature, such as lanterns that hang on tree branches, or tree floor lamps that are reminiscent of reeds. Other light fixtures are well-suited to layer light in your garden such as outdoor ceiling lamps, wall lights, and table lamps. Whether you have a large garden or balcony garden, here’s some inspiration in the form of these trendy garden lighting ideas.

Make Nature the Focus

Many outdoor light fixtures feature designs inspired by natural elements such as mushrooms, trees, or flowers. A translucent shade or nature-inspired design can create a “secret garden” feel while blending in with the flora and fauna.
Shown: M-3044 Nan Outdoor Floor Lamp from Estiluz

Look Natural

If you are trying to illuminate a garden surrounding a pool, choose landscape lighting that matches the setting. Reed-like outdoor floor lamps will make the lighting look like part of the aquatic landscape, while adding a soft glow to the pool’s reflection. Use shrubs and rocks to make the light fixtures appear even more natural.
Shown: Reeds Outdoor LED Floor Lamp from Artemide

Decorate the Garden

If you want your garden to invoke a Zen-like tranquility you can use artistic outdoor lighting to elevate the atmosphere. Whether you choose a moon-inspired floor lamp or lighting sculpture, decorative garden lighting can add some accent lighting and artistic appeal at the same time.
Shown: Ex Moon Outdoor Floor Lamp from In-Es Art Design

Let It Hang

Hanging lanterns can be a perfect companion to radiantly light up garden pathways and patios since they are beautiful, portable, and highly functional. Lanterns with unique shapes, like a birdcage, add a nice touch to the outdoor atmosphere, especially if you want to invoke a homey, welcoming vibe to your backyard.
Shown: Freedom Birdcage Rechargeable LED Outdoor Light from Contardi Lighting

It’s Raining Path Lights

Path lights are a great way to illuminate garden or stone walkways. LED path lights are even better because they’ll offer energy efficient, long-lasting light. UL wet listed path lights are better still since they can withstand weather conditions year-round. Make sure to check the wet rating of garden lights to ensure they will last through rain and snow.
Shown: LED 12V Linear Path Light from WAC Lighting

Go Linear

Don’t forget about the importance of wall lights to layer light throughout your modern outdoor space. Linear or rectangular wall lights positioned along a wall or boundary is an easy way to incorporate visual symmetry in your garden. Throw in a few candles if you want to create an intimate setting.
Shown: Dahlia 2 Light LED Outdoor Wall Light from Kichler

Tree Light Pendants

If you want to make your garden truly magical then incorporate nature directly with your lighting. Portable and hangable pendants are a great way to do this since they can be suspended over tree branches. This set up is perfect to set the mood for garden parties- plus installation and clean up is easy and fast.
Shown: Garota Outdoor Plug-In Pendant Light from Bover

Find the Right Match

You want to make sure your garden lighting complements your landscaping. If your garden features stone walls or walkways, choose path or bollard lights that will blend in. Grey or neutral tones work best against stone features, while they also reflect well against green shrubbery and colorful flowers.
Shown: Cornet Outdoor Bollard from Bover

Classic and Contemporary Vibes

Blend in traditional and contemporary themes to your balcony or rooftop garden by choosing outdoor floor lamps with distinctive designs. A dark metal arm is reminiscent of vintage street lamps, while unique shades offer an eye-popping way to mix in some modern style.
Shown: Muse Outdoor Floor Lamp from Contardi Lighting

Minimalism on Display

The classic bollard light is one of the most versatile lighting fixtures to illuminate gardens and outdoor walkways. If you want to highlight the flowers, plants, or rocks in your garden, choose a bollard light with a minimalist style. A sleek, tasteful design won’t distract from the natural features on display.
Shown: Bollard Light from Focus Industries

Lining Up

If you want to create a boundary or solidify the sense of space in your outdoor garden or patio, you can use outdoor floor lamps. Position multiple floor lamps in a row to radiantly light up pathways, perimeters, or garden fences.
Shown: M-3044 Nan Outdoor Floor Lamp from Estiluz

The Organic Look

The best path lights look like they belong in nature. Look for walkway or bollard lights that will blend in like natural elements, such designs that are reminiscent of mushroom or flowers. Woven shades are also a great option since they offer an organic look that will diffuse light into a soft, warm glow.
Shown: Atticus Tall Bollard from Bover

The Portable Garden Party

One of the easiest ways to add lighting to a garden party or picnic is to use portable outdoor table lamps that can be placed in the grass or hung from a tree. LED and rechargeable models allow you to take the light with you wherever you go.
Shown: Cri Cri Outdoor Table Lamp from Foscarini

Futuristic Flavor

The garden is a perfect place to light the old and new mix. If you want to add contemporary feel to your garden, choose bollard lights with a sleek, minimalist design. Path lights with futuristic style can add a nice contrast against the organic greenery of hedges and bushes.
Shown: Atlantis Round Outdoor Bollard from Hinkley Lighting

Keep Walkways Clean and Simple

Give your garden walkways a clean look by choosing paths lights that add potent illumination without cluttering the space. Round path lights will concentrate light downwards to brighten necessary areas, while adding a subtle dramatic flair. If you’re unsure of a color scheme, you can never go wrong with versatile black path lights.
Shown: LED 12V Round Path Light from WAC Lighting

Bringing the Garden Indoors

The right lighting can change the entire atmosphere of the indoor or urban garden. Pendants with woven or fabric shades can enhance the outdoor vibe. Stick with Earth tones, like tan, brown, or green, to capture the essence of nature indoors.
Shown: Jaima LED Pendant Light from Joan Gaspar, from Marset

Capture the Stars

There’s nothing wrong with copycatting nature when it comes to lighting your indoor or balcony garden. Hanging multiple mini-pendants with translucent or exposed bulbs to replicate the enchantment of starry skies or fireflies on a summer night. Add some potted plants so the light can delicately reflect off natural features in your garden.
Shown: Santorini IP65 Pendant Light with Canopy from Marset

Contemporary Charm

Lighting is key to invoke visual balance for the front yard of the modern home. Enhance the contemporary design of your yard with outdoor wall and path lights that feature clean lines and geometric shapes. Well-spaced outdoor landscape lighting will appropriately layer the light and provide a sense of symmetry.
Shown: Tegel 18 Outdoor LED Wall Sconce from Tech Lighting

Consider All Aspects

Choose path lights that reflect the landscaping, exterior architecture, and furniture of your garden to create visual harmony. Your path lights should blend in with the background, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Large round path lights will accentuate gorgeous outdoor landscaping, while metal fixtures are well-suited against stone walls or metal furniture.
Shown: Oluce Amanita Outdoor Bollard

Go Geometric

Bollard and wall lights with geometric profiles are an excellent choice for the modern garden or walkway. The sleek physique and clean lines add a contemporary allure against the authentic backdrop of nature. Geometric shapes also allow light to pour out from multiple angles to adequately brighten the area.
Shown: Square Column Indoor/Outdoor LED Sconce from SONNEMAN Lighting

There are many ways you can use outdoor lighting to elevate the experience and ambiance of your garden. Look for garden lights that are UL listed or wet rated so they can withstand the elements of Mother Nature year-round. LED landscape lighting is another great option that provides long-lasting, energy-efficient illumination. The right lighting can allow you to use and appreciate your garden any time of the day or night.


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