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Hall Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Functionality is often the first consideration when it comes to hallway ceiling lighting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some style as well. Think about adding pendant lights for a hallway with higher ceilings, and don’t be afraid of a dramatic chandelier if it works in your space. Flush mount and semi-flush mount fixtures are great choices for lower ceilings or when you need to install many lights in a row. Wall-mount sconces can be used in addition to the ceiling lights for better-layered lighting and even more style.

With a Twist

modern mini flush mount lighting ideas.
Urban Mini LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Axolight

Mini flush mount fixtures with an unexpected design twist are a great way to liven up your hallway. For best results, choose ones that are a contrasting color or a unique shape or install them in a semi-random pattern down the length of the hall.

On the Bright Side

led flush mount hallway lighting ideas.
Janeiro K LED Flushmount By Nemo

Create a bright and cheerful hallway with flush mount ceiling lights. For a contemporary aesthetic, look for flush mount fixtures with a classic design and opal white diffusers. If they’re available, lights with dimming capabilities can add extra functionality to your space.

Keeping the Peace

modern outdoor semiflush walkway lighting
Elipse Outdoor Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Bover

Create an enchanting outdoor hallway by suspending fixtures at the center of the arches that resemble floating orbs. Using chandeliers or their close cousin, pendants, will help to convey an air of serenity and peace while helping to illuminate your outdoor area.

Same Difference

hallway modern flush mount lighting
DUO Surface Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Vibia

When a seating area extends into a hallway without delineation, install the same or very similar fixtures in both spaces for a unifying effect. Flush mount lights are always a good choice for hallway lighting, and there are plenty of stylish and functional options that would work equally well in a hallway and seating area.

Hang in There

Pendant lighting for drop ceilings.
Nula Pendant Light from Hinkley Lighting

Pendant lights are a great choice for a transition area or hallway between two living spaces. Find one that enhances the ambiance of the room by adding character and warmth, and be sure to pair it with other lighting fixtures for perfect layered lighting.

Safety Features

modern flush lamp entryway lighting
Harper Ceiling Light By Hinkley Lighting

An entrance hallway that opens onto a stairway really needs abundant ambient light for safety but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose stylish lights. At the widest part of the hallway, install a larger semi flush mount fixture and use smaller fixtures in the same style down the length of the hallway for cohesive lighting.

Off-Center And On Point

entryway modern pendant lighting ideas.
Nash Mini Pendant Light By Hinkley Lighting

For a modern farmhouse hallway, choose a pendant light that combines metallic accents and wood for a rustic and homey vibe. Instead of installing the pendant in the center of the walkway, think about installing it close to an accent wall with a small table underneath for a useful catch-all.

Contemporary Cool

modern entryway flushmount lighting
Boop! Wall/Ceiling Light from Carpyen – Image Via @destinationeichler

A colorful contemporary entrance hallway is perfectly complemented by a low profile flush mount light. Choose a fixture with a modern finish such as black and gold with an opal diffuser for warm ambient illumination and a touch of style.

Looming Large

outdoor pendant walkway ideas.
Fora Outdoor Pendant Light from Bover – Image Via @eddieleeinc

A beautiful oversized caged chandelier is a great choice for a large hallway with a natural or botanical aesthetic. If your hallway is especially long, hang multiple large fixtures down the center of the space for abundant warm illumination throughout.

On the Bubble

nelson bubble hallway lighting
Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant from Nelson Bubble Lamps – Image Via @pheintz

A white bubble pendant light is a great choice for providing illumination in a minimalist entrance hallway. Add warmth to your space and highlight beautiful white walls and blond wood floors with light that is softly diffused. Pair the pendant with recessed lights and wall-mounted fixtures for overall layered lighting.

Ceiling lights in a hallway can take on many shapes and styles depending on your space and lighting needs. Consider the size of your hallway or entryway, the height of your ceilings, your other lighting sources, and the aesthetic of your home to determine the type, size, and a number of ceiling lights you need. And don’t be afraid to use the lighting fixtures to add style to your hallway. For more YLighting ideas, see our Ceiling Lighting Ideas.

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