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Hallway Chandelier Ideas

Chandeliers are a great way to make a statement and add some style and lighting function to your hallway, foyer, or entryway. Whether you have a large foyer, small entryway or vaulted ceiling, there are modern options for every aesthetic. With styles that range from caged chandeliers to classic candelabras to bowl chandeliers, look for a fixture that has elements of your home’s decor, such as the color of the finish or the structure of the chandelier, and most importantly, a fixture that will provide the type of lighting needed for your space.

Wow Factor

vaulted ceiling entryway pendant lighting
Xavier Pendant Light By Troy Lighting

With black and chrome metallic accents and clear glass lamps, a chandelier with innovative design is the perfect complement to an entryway with a contemporary theme. With abundant natural light, an entryway chandelier that provides general ambient lighting will enhance your space and wow your guests.

Making a Statement

hallway chandelier lighting ideas - Ylighting
PH Artichoke 60th Limited Edition Pendant Light from Louis Poulsen

Add a statement piece to your hallway with a beautiful chandelier with multiple tiers and warm glowing illumination. Instead of using a light fixture that matches your rustic aesthetic, choose a hallway chandelier with a more modern design to add contrast and interest.

A Modern Feel

Modern Hallway chandelier lighting ideas.
Modern LED Chandeliers

For a modern and minimalist hallway, look for a chandelier with a sleek and striking silhouette and an innovative design. For up- and down-lighting, a chandelier with multiple arms and different height tiers is a great choice and will provide ambient light perfect for your space.

Turn on the Charm

multi light chandelier in hallway.
Skye 6 Light Chandelier By Hinkley Lighting

A beautiful and functional chandelier is the perfect choice for your mid-century modern foyer. Greet guests with a fixture that has hints of retro charm and modern artistry with clear glass globes and Edison-style light bulbs clustered into a statement piece they are sure to remember.

Warm Reception

Hallway indoor and outdoor industrial chandeliers
Outdoor Carson Stem Hung Pendant Light By Hinkley Lighting

For a modern farmhouse hallway, a row of industrial caged chandeliers is great for emphasizing the arched doorways and higher ceilings. The exposed metal of modern industrial chandeliers is a perfect complement to your rustic decor, and the overall ambient light will add to your home’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

Making a Statement

hallway chandelier lighting ideas.
Modern Entryway Chandeliers

A candelabra chandelier with a contemporary edge will enhance the design aesthetic of a minimalist hallway. With crisp white light and sleek metallic accents, this type of chandelier is sure to make a statement, especially when framed by an archway.

Industrial Flare

stairway industrial chandelier ideas.
Clarendon 3-Tier Chandelier By Hinkley Lighting

Add some interest and much needed light to a stairway with a caged chandelier. Multiple lamps will give off more than enough light for safety and ambiance while the caged design and metallic accents will blend seamlessly with exposed pipes and rustic wood floors.

Style and Comfort

lantern hall;way chandeliers
Abbotswell Chandelier By Kichler

Suspended from a vaulted ceiling, a modern caged chandelier with an inner candelabra is a great choice for your hallway. With clean lines and warm ambient light, this type of fixture will add a comforting ambiance and stylish touch to your hallway.

Bright and Light

Modern LED Chandelier
Sky Bang LED Chandelier By Stickbulb – Image Via @lra_architecture

A fun and bright hallway is the perfect place for a modern chandelier with light and abstract feel. Great for complementing a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic, this type of hallway chandelier will add quirkiness and just the right amount of ambient light to show off your space.

Modern Industrial

modern stairway chandelier lighting.
Apothecary Round Chandelier from Hammerton Studio

A dramatic cluster chandelier is a perfect way to illuminate an open stairway. For a space with an industrial aesthetic and stone, metal, and wood accents, choose a stairway chandelier that has rustic overtones and clear glass globes in a variety of shapes for added interest.

In Grand Style

entryway modern chandelier
Damaris Chandelier By Hudson Valley Lighting

A classic beaded chandelier is sure to add a sophisticated style to your entryway hallway. Paired with white walls and a striking black and white floor with a geometric pattern, this entryway chandelier is sure to be a conversation piece that wows your guests.

High Strung

led multi light entryway pendants.
Cielo LED Multi-Light Pendant Light from Pablo Designs

Highlight a dramatic stairway with a cluster chandelier that seems to drip from the heights of a domed entryway. A guaranteed conversation piece, this type of stairway chandelier will draw attention to the architectural features of your space while providing functional ambient light.

Modern Accents

Modern Chandelier lighting ideas in hallway.
Coppelia Chandelier from Moooi

For a smaller hallway, look for a chandelier that imparts feelings of grace and fluidity to space. Great for a modern home with its chrome accents, a hallway chandelier is also a great way to highlight interesting wall murals and art installations.

Entryway chandeliers are the best of both worlds when it comes to function and beauty. Installing a chandelier is an instant upgrade for hallways, stairways, and entryways, and you can choose one that is a true reflection of the style of your home. Modern and contemporary to industrial and rustic, chandeliers are sure to be a striking conversation piece in any space. For more YLighting ideas, see our Chandelier Ideas.

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