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Hallway Wall Lighting Ideas

Hallways are typically a poorly lit space in any house. Without natural light, you’ll need to rely on installed lighting fixtures to provide adequate ambient light. While chandeliers and pendants can accomplish this, wall lights are just as good an option. With many styles to choose from and ones that will throw light in nearly any configuration, you are sure to find something that will be perfectly suited to your space and aesthetic. If you have a long hallway, think about installing multiple wall-mounted fixtures to ensure that your hallway is no longer dark.

Dynamic Duo

Hallway wall lighting ideas.
Tate Wall Light from Astro Lighting

Illuminate a stairway hall with beautiful and stylish wall light. Choose a modern fixture that combines two different metallic elements and throws light up and down for great ambient lighting. Be sure that the fixture doesn’t interfere with safe passage for the best results.

Ring True

hallway wall sconce lighting ideas.
Sestessa LED Wall Light from ZANEEN design

Creative wall lights can be an easy way to add visual interest to your hallway just like artwork can. Fixtures that have a unique shape, such as a ring shape, can play fascinating tricks with light and shadows for a more appealing hallway.

In the Best Light

Modern Hallway Lighting Ideas
Liberty LED Wall Sconce from Ricca Design

For a minimalist hallway, choose a wall sconce with an industrial theme and symmetrical sections. Ones that can be installed either vertically or horizontally will provide the flexibility to ensure they illuminate your particular space in the best possible way.

Lighten the Dark

led modern wall sconces.
Liberty LED Wall Sconce from Ricca Design

Another way to add lighting to a dark hallway is with the use of multiple wall sconces installed in an equally spaced manner. Fixtures that throw light for a wall washing effect will provide gentle and warm ambient light for comfortable brightness.

Light Style

Circle wall sconce in hallway.
Assolo Flush Mount Ceiling Light / Wall Light ZANEEN design

Go for a different feel in your dark hallway by installing wall sconces that will throw light in artistic patterns. Not only will this add better lighting for using the hallway, but it will also add interest to a space that can sometimes be difficult to style.

Light of Passage

hallway wall lighting ideas.
AJ Eklipta Ceiling / Wall Light from Louis Poulsen

Wall sconces that have an interesting, but not fussy, design are great additions to a narrow hallway. Ones that softly diffuse light in all directions are the best choice for passageways that don’t have any other source of light as they will provide the best ambient illumination.

Look on the Brighter Side

AJ Eklipta Ceiling / Wall Light Ideas.
AJ Eklipta Ceiling / Wall Light from Louis Poulsen

Semi-flush mount lighting fixtures are great for brightening up an entrance hallway. Choose ones with a modern feel, such as a circular shape or a minimal finish, for the perfect complement for almost any space. Installing multiples of the same fixture is a good way to ensure adequate ambient light.

Dark Matters

hallway wall lighting ideas.
Oluce Wall Sconces

A dark modern hallway can benefit from the light thrown by a wall sconce, especially when the light is emitted in multiple directions. Look for one that will also create interesting shapes on the ceiling to emphasize the height and size of the hallway.

Dark Magic

Hallway Metal Wall Lighting Ideas.
Luz Oculta Metal D5-3027 Wall Light from ZANEEN design

A wall sconce that emanates light in intriguing ways is a great technique for adding a creative spin to a dark hallway. Look for one that unexpectedly allows light to shine from the top, middle, and bottom for an attractive play of light and shadow.

Glow in the Dark

modern hallway wall sconce ideas.
Liberty LED Wall Sconce from Ricca Design

A dark hallway is a space that is begging for a row of identical wall lighting fixtures. Choose ones that throw light in multiple directions to provide the ambient illumination needed for a poorly lit passageway. To make the added glow the centerpiece of the space, look for fixtures that are a similar color as your walls for blending in.

It can be difficult to find the right lighting level for your hallway, but wall lights will make it easier. Wall fixtures that throw light in multiple directions are a great choice for providing a good amount of ambient light. If you still can’t achieve the hallway lighting you’d like, simply install multiple fixtures at regular intervals. For more YLighting ideas, see our Wall Lighting Ideas.


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