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Hoist: Modern Lighting Born on a Boat

Fun modern lighting fixtures that can go anywhere. We mean it…anywhere. On ceilings and walls, indoors or out, and at any height. And you can even move them, if you want. But that’s just the start of what makes the Hoist lighting collection so cool.

A Lighting Studio and an Interior Design Firm are Together on a Boat…

It sounds like the start of a joke: lighting design studio Rich Brilliant Willing and interior design firm Meyer Davis were on a boat trip in Chicago. On said trip, the groups discussed their most common interior design challenges.

According to Meyer Davis, their main issue with installing lighting at their projects were ill-placed J-boxes. If they wanted to hang pendants on either side of a bed, too bad. No J-box, no pendant. (Or they could, but only with time-consuming and costly rerouting of electricity.) It was galling to have such limitations dictate their designs.

Such a common issue got Rich Brilliant Willing (RBW) to thinking, what if the placement of a J-box was no longer a factor in where you could install your lighting?

Functionality First

The eureka moment came when, instead of trying to downplay the electrical cord, RBW made it an integral part of both a pendant’s look and functionality. From there, the overall design of the Hoist pendant came into focus:

  • Plug-in the long electrical cord wherever you need to.
  • Hang the actual pendant wherever you need to.
  • In-between, attractively swag the cord with wall and/or ceiling mounted grippers that match the pendant’s structure and finish.
Dual-tone metal (shown) and matte black finish options coming in early 2018

Since the inspiration started on a boat, it seemed fitting to stick to nautical references throughout the design. Not to mention the fact that the name, Hoist, was a pretty good descriptor of the look created by the swagged cord, and the up-and-down movement that it made possible.

And Then Comes Form

With the functionality figured out, there was, of course, the small matter of Hoist’s looks. To maintain the lighting’s versatility, the design of the pendant’s shade was based on mid-century modern enamel bowls. As such, the resulting Hoist shape is essentially a flattened dome, pleasingly simple and smooth, with slightly different profiles based on the chosen diameter.

Or, of course, you can go without a shade at all, if you so desire. Bare options were designed to retain the ribbed detailing of the main support structure, but with nothing getting in the way of the light coming from the rounded glass diffuser.

An adjustable, indoor-outdoor pendant is great, of course. But for the sake of a space’s design completeness and cohesiveness, RBW added coordinating wall sconces to the Hoist collection. Similar shade (and no shade) options match the pendants, and they can also be used inside and out.

While created to make the lives of interior designers easier, Hoist will most certainly do the same for homeowners encountering the same lighting challenges. Take a look here to see all your options. And stay tuned to see what cool things Rich Brilliant Willing and Meyer Davis come up with on their next boat trip.

Team Y

Team Y

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