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Things to Consider When Installing a Modern Chandelier

Alright, you’ve found the perfect modern chandelier. Now to install it. But how? And more importantly, where? Or maybe you’re still on the hunt for the modern chandelier that makes your heart beat fast. If you’re uncertain of where to hang your new modern chandelier, or if you can do it on your own, we’re here to help you weigh the options.

What chandelier should I choose and where should I hang it?

Modern Chandelier |YLighting
PH Snowball from Louis Poulsen

Choosing a modern chandelier and deciding where to hang it is a one stop shop. You can’t think about one without considering the other. Taking architectural cues from your home will help you determine where to hang a chandelier. Room size, shape, and what the chandelier is hanging over, like a dining room table, will also help you determine the right size, shape, and placement.

Check out our more in depth guide: How to Choose a Chandelier, to help you find the perfect one.

Can I do it on my own?

Modern Chandelier |YLighting
Invisible Chandelier from Castor Design

Before you get to installing your chandelier on your own, you’ll need to decide if it’s really something you can do. Factors you’ll need to take into consideration include the existing wiring and the weight of the chandelier. If your chandelier is too heavy, or the wiring is too complicated for you, you’ll want to call a professional. Know that this will cost you somewhere in the $200-$300 range for labor and hardware. But better to be safe than sorry, aka to have your new chandelier lying in ruins on your hardwood floor.

If you’re calling in a professional, be sure to ask them the right questions before hiring them for the job to make sure that you’re both on the same page. You’ll want to know what the final bill will be, if the quote includes any additional hardware, and cleanup.

Modern Chandelier |YLighting
Socket-To-Me 12 Light Chandelier from Varaluz

If however, you’re installing a small or medium weight chandelier to replace an old one, and you’re comfortable with the existing wiring, chances are you can do it all on your own. So go for it! An install won’t take you all day, more like 2-3 hours. You’ll still want to give yourself a bit of wiggle room. While the overall process is manageable, it may be in your best interest to set aside a specific block of time where you can dedicate yourself to the installation fully. Don’t go about installing your chandelier on the same day you’ve scheduled to host a dinner party for twelve.

Does my Chandelier need extra support?

Modern Chandelier |YLighting
Kyoto Chandelier from Lumifer

A standard electrical box can support around 50 pounds of weight. If your chandelier weighs more than that, you’ll need an added support system such as a fan brace or a box that can support the weight of your modern chandelier. This is an important step to take so your brand new chandelier doesn’t come crashing down on you in the middle of dinner.

Modern Chandelier |YLighting
Fucsia 12 Chandelier from FLOS Lighting

Whether you decided to hang your chandelier in the living or stick to the classic over the dining room table, a modern chandelier will certainly add drama, and help define an open space in your home.


Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman

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