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How To Light A Kitchen For Aging Eyes

For many of us, our eyes aren’t what they once were. In fact, aging eyes need two to five times more light than our younger eyes did. A smart lighting plan will help support your eyesight, no matter what stage its in.

Small modifications can go a long way, especially in the space you live and work in, like the kitchen. These 4 adjustments will help get your kitchen lighting up to par for aging eyes:

Bring In Natural Light

Nothing beats sunlight. Try to maximize the amount of sunlight that is let into your kitchen. The natural illumination from the sun works with the rest of your lighting to increase the the brightness of your kitchen overall.

Go For Matte Lighting

Cutting down on the amount of glare in the kitchen will allow older eyes to see more clearly. To help with this, opt for lighting that has a matte or frosted finish. This will minimize the amount of glare and light flares coming from the light source itself.

Light Up The Ceiling

A bright ceiling means a bright kitchen. The ceiling acts as a reflector to direct light downward into the room. Installing recessed lighting along the perimeter of the room will help acheive this, and for the best results, look to T5 fluorescent or LED lights.

Install Task Lighting

Task lighting is what’s going to illuminate your kitchen workspaces, like the countertops where you slice, dice and food prep the most. Under cabinet lighting is a great option for adding more illumination onto your counters and the spaces where you’ll be working in the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting will also help to cut down on shadows.

If you’re planning to be in your home for more than just a few years, making these changes to your kitchen lighting is a proactive way to help you and your home age well. .


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Jerry Bolton

Jerry Bolton

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