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How To: Scandinavian Style Bedroom Lighting

In a region that stays dark for half the year, good artificial lighting—and plenty of candlelight, of course—is particularly important to keep things feeling bright and welcoming in Scandinavian homes. And when it comes to the bedroom in particular, how lighting is chosen and placed can mean the difference between a blissful retreat versus a stark box.

In addition to the basic rules of modern bedroom light layering, here are a few hard and fast tenets to consider when choosing lighting to complete a Scandinavian style bedroom design.

Start With a White Color Palette

When you want a space to feel bright, it would be counterintuitive to suck up all that brightness with dark décor. White is a staple in Scandinavian design, with light grays and other neutral tones acceptable to mix things up. That being said, you don’t have to fear dark colors entirely. But you should be strategic with them. Use them to add a dramatic punch in an otherwise neutral white room.

For bedroom lighting, consider a white table lamp or floor lamp for a literally bright bedside accent.

Use Natural Materials & Textures

In a Scandinavian bedroom, you can be overt with the overall sense of comfort with visibly plush faux fur pillows and fluffy bedding (hygge). Or you keep things smooth and contemporary, with softness revealed by the smooth hand of crisp linens (Nordic Chic, Danish Modern).

With either textural direction, it works with Scandinavian style when you choose natural materials: solid (usually light-toned) woods, wool/cotton textiles, airy wicker, and so forth. For bedroom lighting, a bedside table lamp or floor lamp with a wood base and natural fabric shade is an ideal choice for Scandinavian style.

Stick With Clean Lines

Photo Credit: Lita Lee Crave Interiors

Call it minimalism, but with an impact. Much like color, you don’t want a lot of clutter soaking up all the light and making the space feel smaller. Keeping the lines of furniture and lighting simple has also been shown to have a calming effect; ideal for a bedroom. For bedroom lighting that creates impact in a space without overpowering it, consider a slightly oversized semi-flushmount that pairs clean, organic globes with a warm, sunny brass finish.

And Remember: Function Before Form

Keeping this in mind should help with any cluttered situation. Be deliberate in your choices of furniture, lighting and other décor. Just ask, “Why do I need this in my bedroom?” If it won’t serve a distinct functional purpose or bring you joy, then don’t include it.

For bedroom lighting, you want to brighten up a space for the tasks that are important to you, while taking up the least amount of room. Instead of bedside lamps, consider a single large pendant light overhead.

In addition to the options shown here, be sure to check out a wide range of other Scandinavian lighting designs ideal for the bedroom (and other spaces).


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