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Architect of his own Success: Hubbardton Forge Designer David Martin

Hubbardton Forge lighting designer David Martin approaches lighting design differently than most by considering design from an architect’s point of view.

Hubbardton Forge Lighting designer David Martin | YLighting
Hubbardton Forge lighting designer David Martin

Martin’s career path was probably predetermined. As a child, he liked doing things with his hands – building models and taking things apart to see how they work. His parents also provided good design genes with his mother an art teacher and his father a math/science teacher. “I think they were both influential, maybe not with my design aesthetics, but working with my hands and being creative,” he says.

It wasn’t a direct jump to Hubbardton Forge from college though.  “I came to the Forge 10 years ago from an architectural design background,” he says. “I grew up in the area, so I knew Hubbardton Forge and when I was designing buildings, I spec’d them for clients so I knew the products.”

Flux LED Pendant Light by Hubbardton Forge
The curved light guide mimics the highly sculptural aluminum of the Flux LED Pendant by Hubbardton Forge

In more than the decade he’s been at the Forge he has not only come to know the products better, but he’s introduced many new designs. One of the popular designs he pioneered is the Flux. “It was our first use of bent light guides. It very much started with a 3-D form and we had no idea at first how to fit a light into it since it was such an organic, sculptural piece,” he recalls. Eventually, the light guide came to be. “It’s similar in vocabulary to the bent metal and provided the answer we were looking for.”

Hubbardton Forge Otto Pendant on Black Background | YLighting
Brass accents steal the spotlight on the Otto Sphere Pendant by Hubbardton Forge

Martin cites steampunk as a favorite style. “I think steampunk fits my quirky sense of humor and goes well with my predilection for recycling or making new things out of the old.” The Otto Collection, a family of pendants and a sconce released this year definitely brings the steampunk heat with its combination of black finish paired with glass and brass. “We’d done brass in the past, probably dating back to before I joined, but it had been a while since a new design incorporated it,” says Martin. “The Otto was my response to steampunk with brass being a natural part of that.”

Hubbatdton Quill LED Suspension Pendant in contemporary design entry | YLighting
The highly configurable Quill LED Pendant by Hubbardton Forge
Photography by Karl Neumann for Sayler Owens Kerr Design Studio

Martin designs in other styles that get a lot of attention as well. His Quill Pendant is an exploration of geometry. “I was looking at square tubing and the geometry of simple miter joints and started to think about how it could impact the overall structure.” He considered a traditional cascading pendant with five lights each hanging from their own cables and challenged himself to come up with a way to offer a similar look from one fixture. The result was a unique piece that allows for a lot of personalization for the customer. While the Quill’s customization potential was intentional, that wasn’t the case with another of his designs the Exos Double Shade Pendant. “I designed it to have the diffuser mounted one way, but I’ve come to accept that some people like to hang the diffuser ‘upside down’ and it looks good that way too.”

Hubbardton Forge Exos Double Shade Pendant in contemporary design | YLighting
Exos Double Shade Pendant Light by Hubbardton Forge
Photography by Joshua Lawrence Studios Inc. for Christopher Developments

Martin says when he designs he tries to understand what the light and materials want to be. He points to  Louis Kahn, a well-known architect who passed away decades ago as an inspiration for that philosophy. “He’d ‘ask’ a brick what it wanted to be and respected the answer it provided.”

Today, Martin’s brick is steel, glass and light.

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