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Hubbardton Forge: Seasons

The Seasons Collection from Hubbardton Forge is comprised of four beautiful light fixtures. Each pendant light is inspired by a different time of year, reflecting the elements of the changing seasons. From the fresh rains of spring, to the breezy days of summer, the changing leaves of autumn, and the frozen snowflakes of winter, take a look at these sculpturally inspired modern lighting pieces:

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Spring LED Pendant Light from Hubbardton Forge

Like the morning dew on a green grass, the Spring LED Pendant Light reflects the beauty of a fresh spring rain. Glass raindrops trickle down a modern inspired trellis. The overall appeal of the fixture is delicate, yet modern, and the way it sparkles makes it look like the real deal.

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Summer LED Pendant Light from Hubbardton Forge

The airy look of the Summer LED Pendant Light is rectilinear and open. The piece is inspired by the Arts and Crafts style, a movement known for its use of simple forms that are well-defined and rooted within nature. The easy and breezy look of this modern light fixture is perfect for the sunny days of summer.

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Autumn LED Pendant Light from Hubbardton Forge

The Autumn LED Pendant Light artfully captures the look of falling leaves as they cascade down from a tree to collect on the ground or get caught up in the wind. Each metal leaf is hand-forged, giving this organic-inspired fixture a contemporary and modern look.

Modern Lighting |YLighting
Winter LED Pendant Light from Hubbardton Forge

The Winter LED Pendant Light features geometric snowflakes cascading down from the snowy clouds. It captures the beauty of the coldest time of year, and translates it into a delicate and decorative modern lighting fixture. Its simple and minimal style is as unique as the snowflakes it artfully displays.

Have any questions about these seasonally inspired modern lighting fixtures from Hubbardton Forge? Give us a call at 866-314-0965.

Brendan Cleak

Brendan Cleak

Brendan is a Site Merchandiser at YLighting and an aficionado of all things art and design. He enjoys spending his time working on photography and film projects, writing, traveling, and learning everything he can about the world that surrounds him.

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