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I Want to Work There: 10 Amazing Office Spaces

Gone are the days of boring office spaces, where bland color schemes reigned supreme and segregating grey cubicles stretched as far as the eye could see. Harsh artificial lighting, worn out, shapeless office chairs and clunky dining chairs in the gloomy breakroom are out. Well, perhaps they’re not gone entirely. But many modern companies have started to recognize the importance of up-to-date and improved office spaces. 

Not only do such settings improve productivity and morale, they reflect a company’s image. Freshly designed interiors have started cropping up all over the world, resulting in some very visually impressive office spaces. Here are a few of my favorites.

Image via. Design by Eppstein Uhen Architects, photo by C&N Photography.

In West Allis, Wisconsin, Johnson Controls took over a 1940’s Allis Chalmers manufacturing plant and had the industrial space completely renovated. Using bold and vibrant colors against a neutral backdrop, the office takes on a youthful and fresh character. As brightly colored blue, yellow and red furnishing pieces smatter the office with pops of color, this office space is invigorating and attractive.

Image via. Design by PKMN Architects, photo by Javier de Paz Garcia.

Creativity can take on all kinds of shapes and forms, as the Alcázar de San Juan Tourist Office in Spain proves. Rather than blot out the front window with posters and advertisements, 3D graphic topography is used instead to lure customers in. Spelling out TURISMO ALCÀZAR, the graphic sign spans the front window while extending back into the office to delineate segmented work areas. Who wouldn’t want to walk in and check out the space?

Image via. Design and photo by Tom Dixon.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, at the McCann Erickson’s HQ, the advertising firm boasts a gorgeous design by Tom Dixon. Striking furniture designs are viewable from every angle of the company’s 27th floor occupancy. And it would be fair to say that the avant-garde lighting of this office equals the daring modern furnishing design. The common area’s ceiling is filled with flush reflective brass shades, making for quite a visually arresting feature.

Image via. Design by AirBnB and Heneghan Peng Architects, photo by Donald Murphy.

Utilizing large, open spaces to the advantage of an interior’s design is a great method to make a great impression. For office spaces like AirBnb’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon, open areas are optimized to the benefit of the employees. Set inside a large warehouse, the goal of the design was to ensure the ease of finding coworkers through segmented spaces. You can’t help but marvel at the high ceiling and massive amount of natural lighting that the space has to offer.

Image via. Design by Interior Architects Fyra.

At a Helsinki tech company, Zalando, playful and modern furniture helps to add character to the office space’s common areas. Between the minimal and embracing shapes of the lounge chairs and the illuminated swing, the furnishings create a lighthearted atmosphere while remaining stylishly contemporary. Whether the space is used as a collaborative work area or for guests, the space is easy on the eyes and enjoyable to play in.

Image via. Design by Graham Baba Architects and Brian Paquettes Interiors, photo by Rafael Soldi, Lara Swimmer, and Tim Bies.

Areas specifically designated for workers to comfortably meet and work away from their desks help to create a welcoming, versatile work environment. At the Cloud Room, in Seattle, the objective of the design is to create a shared work environment. The office offers ample room for both collaborative and private work within a sleek and modern setting. So individuals are able to enjoy a well-designed environment that encourages focused productivity.

Image via. Design by Noa Santos, photo by Julia Robbs.

It’s not often that you’d want an office breakroom for your own kitchen. In New York, at the Homepolish headquarters, the breakroom exudes contemporary design with artistic lighting, deep blue cabinetry, sleek countertops and a coordinating swallowtail tile backsplash. Having such a clean, chic office kitchen gives the entire office a nice space in which to take a break and momentarily forget about work in sophisticated, home-like surroundings.

Image via. Design by IA Interior Architects.

At one of Sonos’ offices in Boston, IA Interior Architects took care to create an environment catered to the comfort of the workers; one of them was the incorporation of nature within the office setting. An entire wall is dedicated to plants, which are neatly arranged to create a design in gradients of green. Air quality and the overall atmosphere is improved, while adding a relaxed, organic touch to the contemporary design of the office.

Image via. Design by Estelle Vincent Architects, photo by Arnaud Schelstraete.

Play areas in the office can relieve stress, while letting employees know that the company is fun-loving, too. In Paris, in the Hausssman building on the Champs-Elysees, Ekimetrics has incorporated a wooden structure within the large office setting to break up the space and house a private, informal meeting area. When a meeting’s over, a slide gives workers the option to let loose for a moment and slide out of the conference room before going back to their desk.

Image via. Design by Anne Sophie Goneau, photo by Adrien Williams.

At Dynamo, a digital design studio in Montreal, interior design is taken in a different direction. Rather than incorporate additional design features to meet productivity needs, designer Anne Sophie Goneau went minimalist when updating and converting a previously raw three-story, 1960s building. With every corner of the office exhibiting a simple and straightforward design, this office exudes a modern design that encourages focuses with a lack of distractions.

Modern corporate office designs do well to keep the employee’s work health in mind while improving the space. As designs are taken in various directions to suit the needs of the company and the employees, office spaces take on their own modern character and become more of an exciting and comfortable space to be in throughout the working day.

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