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Modern Design Icons: Sky Bang Chandelier Q+A With Stickbulb

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Today we’re putting the Sky Bang Chandelier from Stickbulb into the iconic design spotlight.

Who designed the product and in what year?

The Sky Bang series was designed by RUX for Stickbulb and was introduced in 2014. Each chandelier is handmade in New York City from sustainably sourced materials.

What was the inspiration behind the design / how was it originally conceived?

Sky Bang is an evolution of one of the first designs for Stickbulb, the Bang collection. The original series was inspired by exploding fireworks, but with this ceiling suspended version, Stickbulb designers take the concept one step further. The chandelier, a horizontal interpretation of an exploding burst of light, is available in three different sizes, a variety of reclaimed woods, and metal hardware finishes. Sky Bang is really the most dynamic incarnation of Stickbulb yet. The design permits the minimal wood bulb to take center stage while the central ‘knuckle’ component allows for countless variations with different length sticks. Fixtures can range from 4 to 12 feet simply by using a different combination of bulb lengths.

Has the design been a part of any specific projects that you’d like to highlight (hotels, restaurants, museums, etc.)?

Sky Bangs in various wood and metal finishes have found their way into a wide reaching array of projects; from hotel lobbies and restaurants, high end offices such as Facebook and Google to many private residential interiors across the US. A recent installation at Herman Miller’s Chicago showroom last summer illustrates how well the Sky Bang design can meld with the designs of an iconic furniture manufacturer.

Sky Bang Chandelier from Stickbulb |YLighting

Sky Bang Chandelier from Stickbulb, via Dwell

Are there any interesting facts about the design most people would be unaware of?

The versatile modularity of Stickbulb suspension lights is not something that is initially obvious. The Sky Bang comes with 6 wooden bulbs of varying lengths that can be oriented to provide either up or downlight. For an installation over a dining table, this offers clear advantages. Bulbs can be oriented down for maximum surface illumination when perhaps the table is needed as a work surface or for a more ambient quality during a dinner party, changed to offer mostly uplight.

Is there any additional information that you’d like to highlight?

True sustainability in manufacturing centers upon working with materials found in forests or the periodic table. Stickbulb uses only sustainably sourced or reclaimed woods in the fabrication of its wooden bulbs and this wood combined with steel and LED’s results in an energy efficient and renewable lighting design.

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