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Modern Design Icons: Bocci 14 Series

With its beauty and flexibilty of configuration, the Bocci 14 Series challenges the conventions of traditional lighting. Whether it’s a single pendnant or a staggering curtained display, the 14 Series captures attention. We’re digging deeper into this iconic design to look behind the scenes and discover secrets that have remained untold.

Bocci 14 Series Single Pendant | YLighting
14.1 Single Pendant By Omer Arbel, from Bocci

Who Designed the Bocci 14 Series?

The 14 Series was designed by Omer Arbel in 2005. He currently acts as the creative director for design and manufacturing for Bocci. In light of this, the 14 Series is a prime example of how his conceptual approach as the creative director has given birth to a collection of conceptually driven lighting.

Bocci 14 Series 14.20 Rectangle Pendant Chandelier | YLighting
14.20 Rectangle Pendant Chandelier By Omer Arbel, from Bocci

What was the inspiration behind the design?

Process and material is what inspires Omer Arbel, the final form of each design being secondary to the method of creation. In the case of 14, the inspiration came from the creation of the meniscus by pouring molten glass into a hemispherical mould. After joining the two hemispheres together, the meniscus gave the glass a particular optical quality much like candles floating in water. Thus, the Bocci 14 Series was born.

Bocci 14 Series Hospitality Installation | YLighting
Bocci 14 Series Installation in Whisk at the Mira Hotel

Has the design been a part of any specific projects that you’d like to highlight?

While 14 is in installations all around the world, one of note is the 2000+ pieces of 14 Series at Whisk restaurant in the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong. It’s an impressive installation that utilizes a staggering number of pendants from the 14 Series to create a curtain of floating bubbles and glowing light.

Bocci 14 Series 14.26 Round Pendant Chandelier Residential Installation |YLighting
14.26 Round Pendant Chandelier By Omer Arbel, from Bocci

Are there any interesting facts about the design most people would be unaware of?

Originally, all of the drilling for 14 was done by hand. The process took place in a red barn on the outskirts of Vancouver and all of the tools used were actual agricultural equipment. Though, the farm was zoned for agricultural purposes only. Early production of 14 had to occur in secret, which was rather exciting.

Bocci 14 Series 14.5 Five Pendant Chandelier | YLighting
14.5 Five Pendant Chandelier By Omer Arbel, from Bocci

What makes the 14 Series so unique?

What makes 14 so unique is that it goes against the notion of a traditional chandelier as a centerpiece. We would ordinarily see a chandelier as the focal point of a room. Instead, 14 creates an ambient field of light that highlights space, while managing not to condense it.  The result allows for an emotional connection to take place within the volume of a room.

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