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  • Fall Lighting Event

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s important to have lights that work seamlessly in both indoor and outdoor spaces. These eight designs feature an unprecedented level of versatility, and due to their inherent portability, can be easily moved to fit the season’s changing needs.

Whether you’re inside or out, these lights are perfect for illuminating your darkest corners, while providing a welcoming environment for all your holiday guests!

Havana Outdoor Terra Floor Lamp

I truly love the Havana Outdoor Terra Floor Lamp’s festive design and soft, diffused illumination. Perfect for lighting large spaces, or simply to provide a warm glow to an entry or patio, it can also be used to define paths, accent existing landscape lighting, and is especially effective when used in a composition or cluster.

FollowMe Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

With a design that blends the form of an old-school gas lamp with the aesthetics of Midecentury modernism, the FollowMe Rechargeable LED Table Lamp is easily one my favorite portable luminaries to come out in the last five years. Because of its small, warm, and self-contained character, it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, and can be easily taken anywhere you want. No outlets nearby? Doesn’t matter. FollowMe is rechargeable and can last anywhere from 5-20 hours depending on its power setting. Perfect for stargazing nights, impromptu camping trips or simply to find your way down a darkened hallway.

Wind Outdoor Floor Lamp

Cleverly bringing technology and tradition together in a single design, the Wind Outdoor Floor Lamp offers a festive atmosphere in a variety of bold color choices. Initially designed for outdoor settings, Wind is also suitable for use in modern living rooms and other gathering areas, and is perfect for adding some zest to spaces in desperate need of interest and excitement.

Uto Floor / Pendant Light

A brilliant jack of all trades, the Uto Floor / Pendant Light is one of the only lamps that can completely interact with the requirements of the user. Uniquely a table, floor, and suspension lamp that can be hooked, or freely positioned wherever one desires, Uto is perfectly capable of following an individual from one room to another. And because its composed of silicone rubber, is shock-resistant and incredibly difficult to damage. Soft to the touch, reassuring and familiar despite its innovative design, it is ideal wherever one wants to add a lighting element with a playful and chameleon-like personality.

Equilibre F33 Outdoor Floor Lamp

I am a huge fan of the Equilibre F33 Outdoor Floor Lamp’s dynamic structure and otherworldly design. With bold a silhouette reminiscent of an alien craft or futuristic architecture, Equilibre is sure to bring a decidedly modern touch to any outdoor or indoor space. It also works well in landscapes and garden settings, and like all the other lamps on this list, can be freely moved around to suit the needs to the user.

Globe LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp

The simple, minimalist design of the Globe LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp is another attractive option for both indoor and outdoor settings. With a waterproof shell and handle for easy transportation, it’s perfect for outdoor parties and won’t mind a little rain from time to time. And perhaps its most uniquely appealing feature: a fully functional RGB color changing LED module! Simply select the desired color to match the mood of the season, and let Globe do the rest.

Cala 140 Outdoor Floor Lamp

I truly appreciate the honest materials and stripped back nature of the Cala 140 Outdoor Floor Lamp. Featuring a structure that draws on the simplicity of metal cafe tables or a painters trestle, Cala offers a warm and artistic aesthetic that is perfectly welcome in both indoor and outdoor spaces. And durability is never an issue with Cala, as its rotary molded polyethylene shade is enclosed in a zipped Textilene sleeve. This innovative use of materials both protects the lamp while filtering the light and giving it a texture rich in nuances.

InOut Floor Lamp

Last but not least, the InOut Floor Lamp offers a playful interpretation of the traditional lamp-and-shade form. Composed of rotation molded polyethylene, InOut is both durable enough to work outdoors but also suitable for a children’s room or play space. It’s also perfect for providing a diffused ambiance or simply to add an extra glow to your Halloween decorations!

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