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Modern Goes Outdoors with Inside-Out by Sonneman

Robert Sonneman, creative visionary behind SONNEMAN – A Way of Light, gives us an inside look at the latest Inside-Out collection, his architectural indoor/outdoor LED lighting, available exclusively at YLighting.

In 2018, SONNEMAN – A Way of Light introduced new designs to the expanding Inside-Out collection. Tell us about this latest expansion of architectural indoor/outdoor LED lighting that includes architectural sconces and bollards.

First introduced in 2016 and expanded in 2017 and again this year, our 2018 Inside-Out additions offer new and innovative architectural sconce designs, including Offset Panels, Prisma, Flat Box, and Stripe.

Driven by our passion for innovation, the 2018 additions to our expanding product range represent a progression in our continuing pursuit of knowledge and in the skills of our craft. The refinement and sophistication of these exciting achievements reflect our architectural sensibilities and growing technological capabilities.

We have also introduced new bollard designs, including three new design families of coordinative bollard and sconce designs.

Bollards bring definition and architectural interest to outdoor sites and along paths or planted beds. Our bollard designs model a number of sconce designs within the Inside-Out collection, offering a seamless exterior lighting design aesthetic to your outdoor spaces.

What have you learned about the outdoor lighting category since the Inside-Out collection’s initial launch in 2016?

Lighting outdoors requires some unique characteristics and compliance requirements, in addition to scaling for exterior applications. It is a product category that was a natural fit for us because it gave us the opportunity to extend our fundamental principles of design to a building’s exterior.

We also learned to develop a more structurally sound, highly tooled product capable of withstanding the rigors of exterior applications. Developing outdoor products let us step up quality engineering and manufacturing to higher, more demanding levels and was a positive influence on our product development process.

The Inside-Out collection blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor luminaires in seemingly effortless fashion. How have you been able to achieve what seems foreign to your counterparts in the industry?

Solid, architecturally formal development is relevant within or outside a structure. As a functional Modernist rooted in modern architectural principals, my goal is to build products of simplicity and clarity of purpose.

I strive to achieve aesthetic value in a beautifully executed functional object, embracing the compelling logic of a good idea well done. Achieving that objective lets the product live successfully, inside or out.

Introduced last year, REALS (Round Exterior Architectural Lighting System) represents another degree of complexity, offering the ability to configure elements to specific needs. Was the modularity included in the original design scope?

Modularity was, in fact, the design intent of the REALS system. The REALS system allows for the configuration of dozens of luminaire options from a range of six interchangeable components and a single light engine luminaire component.

Developing a system-based approach to product design engaged engineering closely with the design process from concept through development to the ultimate production. We are seeking efficient and innovative solutions to performance and utility, and I believe we achieved that with the REALS system.

What’s next for Inside-Out?

Integration of intelligent control and efficiency are the keys to understanding lighting of the future. Integration will continue to evolve as a component of broader environmental and energy management systems and in architectural systems.

Driven by the latest LED technologies, these advances offer power, efficiency, and color variability to illuminate and set the mood and tone and perception of entries, walkways and open-air spaces and environments. Controllability and infinite possibilities for integration into the buildings and site conditions create opportunities to paint the landscape with fantasy-creating illumination.

As we develop form and scale for an increased variety of applications, we will also seek to grow our systems approach to controllability and increase the pleasure and comfort of the human experience.

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