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Kitchen Flush Mount Lighting Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and due to its heavy use and high traffic nature, it is imperative that there is plentiful light. Under-cabinet lighting and pendant lights are great for providing task lighting in the pertinent areas such as the counters and sink. These can be supplemented with kitchen flush mount or semi-flush mount lights which will give off diffused ambient lighting for overall illumination. By layering light with the use of different types of fixtures, you can ensure that there is light for every need.

Island Life

kitchen sink flush mount lighting
Charlotte Foyer Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Hinkley Lighting

Create a dramatic effect by mounting two larger kitchen semi-flush lights over an island. Not only will this add dimension and detail to your kitchen, but a copious amount of task lighting will be provided for a heavily used space. This is a great solution for kitchens with lower ceilings.

Squared Away

LED Kitchen flushmount lighting ideas
Cloud3 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Blackjack Lighting

A great way to enhance your modern kitchen is with a geometric flush mounted light. Symmetrical grouping of three rectangular bars or four squares creates a unique look. Choose a finish that matches your kitchen decor for a cohesive feel.

It’s All In The Details

LED 4 light kitchen flush mount ceiling lighting.
Bessons LED 4-Light Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light from ZANEEN design

A semi-flush mount light with an architectural style is a unique way to add some flair to your kitchen lighting. When looking for semi-flush mount fixtures, look for ones that have multiple lights that are adjustable for enhanced accent lighting and convenient task lighting.

Blending In

kitchen flushmount lighting ideas at Ylighting
Smithfield C Flush Mount Ceiling Light from FLOS

Keep things minimal by choosing a flush-mount light with a low profile but a big impact. The curved body of this light has a smooth finish which allows it to blend seamlessly with the white ceilings. The opaque dome allows diffuse light to flow over the space for even illumination.

Ambient Accents

Flush mount kitchen lighting
Boop! Wall/Ceiling Light from Carpyen – Image Via @destinationeichler

Task, accent, and ambient lighting are all necessary in the kitchen, and choosing a large flush-mount fixture makes layering light a breeze. The warm diffuse light emitted by this fixture adds ambient illumination to the overall effect created by the under cabinet lights and the recessed lights.

Flexible Fixtures

semi flush kitchen lighting ideas
Middlebury Round Semi-Flushmount Light By Hudson Valley Lighting

Flush mounted lights aren’t just those placed directly on the ceiling. Choosing a fixture with an adjustable stem will allow your semi-flush mounted fixture to look more like a chandelier in your kitchen and allow you to set it at the perfect height for your space.

Vintage Vibes

Chandelier Style flush mount ceiling lighting ideas
Chandler Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Hudson Valley Lighting – Image Via @pheintz

Choosing a flush-mount light with a vintage feel adds personality and interest to your kitchen. When choosing a unique design, make sure there’s plenty of space around the fixture so it can be seen from all angles and that other lights are kept simple.

Keep It Cohesive

Kitchen Flushmount - Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas | Ylighting
Image Via – @amyklimp_architect

Creating a cohesive lighting look in your kitchen is as easy as sticking with the same type of glass and metal, such as milk glass and gold accents in your semi-flush and pendant lights and wall sconces. Just make sure you don’t overuse the theme and your kitchen will always look fresh.

Made for Work

semi flush kitchen ceiling lighting ideas

Semi-flush mounted lights are a great complement to pendant lights when chosen in the same finish and with similar globes. Use semi-flush mounted fixtures, either as single lights or as a strip of directional lights, to add task lighting in the necessary areas of your kitchen.

All the Right Moves

semi flush track lighting
Gramercy LED Fixed Rail Light By AFX Lighting

Flush mounted lights in a fixed rail of movable fixtures will provide illumination in multiple areas of your kitchen. Be sure they are pointed in a way the minimizes shadows and maximizes light in areas most used for tasks. When paired with under cabinet mounted lights, flush-mounted lights can create the perfect layered light effect.

Off the Wall (and Ceiling, Too)

Wall and Ceiling LED Flush Lighting
Framework LED Wall / Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Axolight

Add interest with flush-mounted lights that have adjustable stems for varied hanging lights. Group the same fixture at different heights to provide an abundance of ambient light while also creating unique design details. This same idea can be used for wall-mounted lights as well.

Flush mount and semi-flush mount lights come in such a variety of styles that you are sure to find a fixture that is perfectly suited to your space. Whether you need LED lighting or an adjustable stem for a more chandelier-like look, flush mount and semi-flush mounts are a stylish and effective way to make sure you have adequate kitchen lighting for every need.

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