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Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

The modern kitchen has become a natural gathering space as the popular “open concept” remains a staple of interior design. Because it’s a room where many events take place, from workday breakfasts to large-scale entertaining, kitchen lighting is perhaps more important than any other room of the home. Not only must there be adequate ambient light, task lighting is key when dealing with sharp knives, boiling water, and other common kitchen jobs. We’ll take you through some tips for getting the light just right in the busiest room in the house.

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Depending on your kitchen size and layout, the island may be the showpiece of the room, and the lighting above it can (and dare we say, should) enhance the design accordingly. While much of the kitchen lighting might focus on function, the island area is a space where you can bridge that function with a form that speaks to you. Find more modern lighting for your kitchen island at

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