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Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for the best lighting over a kitchen sink. To begin, the placement of the kitchen sink is important. Small sinks tucked underneath cabinets will benefit from undercabinet lighting. Large pendants or chandeliers work best for sinks installed into kitchen islands or counters. Consider the design of your kitchen sink lighting, whether you are looking for a sleek, minimalist style like linear suspension lights or perhaps one large, artistic chandelier. Here are a number of kitchen sink lighting ideas to inspire your next modern kitchen project.

A Clear Advantage

Large Pendant Lights for Kitchen Table
Viva Edison C1 LED Pendant Light from Antonangeli

It’s easy to make your kitchen sink feel light and airy with translucent shades. Clear shades can be contemporary and modern, or clear shades with exposed bulbs can give off an Edison-style vibe. This rustic appeal can add a soft touch to with kitchens with dark wood tones and furniture.

Beam with Balance

LED tube dinner table lighting ideas
Tubini S LED Pendant Light from Ricca Design

Lights with a minimalist aesthetic are a popular trend for modern kitchen sink lighting. Hanging multiple linear, slim tubes of light over the kitchen sink is a great way to establish visual symmetry and balance within the space. This style of lighting works especially well for kitchen spaces with long counter tops or islands.

Art Mobile for the Kitchen Sink

led suspension kitchen sink lighting
Flute Endless Wand FLEW2 LED Suspension Light from Modern Verve

If your kitchen sink is situated on a long or narrow kitchen island, think about using linear suspension lights. Linear suspension pendants are long wands that match the layout of your kitchen sink area. Some of these pendants hang the wands in various directions to create a rich visual appeal like that of an art mobile.

Mini but Bold

Kitchen island sink lighting
Fahrenheit LED Mini Pendant Light from Troy Lighting

Small pendants are an excellent choice for the kitchen sink since they can fit in spaces of almost any size. You don’t need a lot of mini-pendants to make a big impact. Choose a bold or dramatic color, such as black or gold, to add some rich visual texture to your kitchen.

Contemporary in Chrome

Sonneman kitchen sink lighting
ALC Tall LED Pendant Light from SONNEMAN Lighting

Many kitchen sinks feature chrome faucets and handles. If your kitchen counter and sink possess a white and chrome color palette, go ahead and install pendant lights to match. Sleek, tubular chrome pendants are a perfect choice that can add to that contemporary appeal you are looking for.

Embrace the Chandelier

Kitchen sink lighting aros chandeliers
Aros Chandelier from Hinkley Lighting

Don’t be afraid to show off your personality with a contemporary decorative chandelier. Not only will this act as hanging art, but it can really change the visual depth of your kitchen sink. Sputnik chandeliers, with their signature star-like stems, can offer a distinct visual texture without making the space feel heavy.

From the Ceiling to the Cabinets

Under cabinet kitchen sink lighting
Unilume LED Slimline Undercabinet Collection from Tech Lighting

If you want to brighten the kitchen sink and counter tops without sacrificing ceiling space, look underneath the cabinets. Undercabinet lighting is an excellent option that will provide concentrated task lighting directly over counters for important kitchen tasks like chopping and prepping to serving and cleaning.

No Clutter in this Kitchen

kitchen sink pendant lighting
Spillray G Pendant Light from Axolight

There are a number of ways you can keep your kitchen sink area and counter tops feeling more open and spacious. Choose pendants that are close to the ceiling so they don’t obstruct your line of sight. Look for kitchen pendants with clear shades, which work nicely with natural window light.

Update Your Style

kitchen sink flush mount lighting
Charlotte Foyer Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Hinkley Lighting

Style is an important aspect of kitchen sink lighting. For those looking for a modern twist on a classic style, kitchen semi-flush mount ceiling lights can offer a traditional appeal with some upgrades. Dome-shaped semi-flush mounts hark back to the Gilded Age, but updated materials like steel or woven fabric will refresh that look with contemporary style.

When Wood Works

Modern Wood Linear Kitchen Lighting Ideas
Vix 5 Light LED Linear Light from Cerno

If your kitchen cabinets and sink feature dark wood tones, look for matching lighting options made from various types of wood. A wooden linear suspension light is a great choice that will complement wood tones and grains while offering a wide area of light coverage.

Have it Both Ways

lzf suspension light and black pendant light
Link Suspension Light from LZF – Image Via @amityworrelco

If you are trying to decide between big and bold or small and understated, there’s no reason you can’t have both. A large, flowing chandelier is a perfect choice above kitchen tables, where it can act as a central focal point. Smaller pendants work well above the kitchen sink by providing task lighting to prep and cleaning areas.

Go Wide

Kitchen island sink pendant lighting
Suspence Pendant Light from Fritz Hansen – Image Via @virginia.farmhouse.project

Certain pendants can make a big difference when it comes to coverage area. If you want to brighten a wide area above the kitchen sink, choose a kitchen pendant with a wide shade such as large dome-shaped or circular ones.

Pairing with Natural Light

natural lighted kitchen sink
Cobson Pendant and Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Kichler

Kitchens with large windows receive a lot of natural light, which will make the space seem more clean, crisp, and open. Keep that refreshing appeal by choosing clear, glass pendants above the kitchen sink. The translucent shade will add to the natural light without tacking on unnecessary weight or depth.

It’s All in the Details

kitchen sink pendant lighting at Ylighting
Alva Pendant Light from Tech Lighting – Image Via @oldmontanabuilding

Little details can make a big difference when it comes to the ambiance of your kitchen sink area. Colored cords, such as red or blue, will add a dash of personality to plain spaces. Exposed bulbs are another easy way to add some character without rearranging the kitchen.

Fit Right In

kitchen sink pendant lighting from Ylighting
Beat Wide Pendant Light from Tom Dixon – Image Via @destinationeichler

If your kitchen features a striking colorful element, like a blue backsplash, let your lights blend into the space without taking away from the ambiance. Sleek, white pendants are an excellent option since they fit into almost any atmosphere. You can use minimal accents to give a little extra visual effect, like interior shade color.

The Magic of Candlelight

Hinkley over the sink pendant lighting
Stinson Linear Suspension Light from Hinkley Lighting

There is something special about candlelight that can add a cozy, homey atmosphere to your kitchen sink. Bring candlelight into your kitchen with a modern twist by choosing candle-like lights encased in metal barriers. This can bring a refreshed vibe to a vintage look.

There are many great options to upgrade your kitchen sink lighting. Chandeliers can add a bold and dramatic effect. Pendants are a versatile choice that come in many different shapes and sizes. Mini pendants work well for small spaces. Think about choosing LED lighting, which offers potent, long-lasting illumination without using too much energy. For more YLighting ideas, see our Kitchen Lighting Ideas.

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